20 Minute Meals Ebook

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20 minute meals

20 minute meals

Leigh Ann Dutton designed 20 Minute Meals to be full of simple, healthy, delicious meals for your family. She says she created this ebook because as a busy wife and mother she was tired of comprimising their health with take out and store bought convenience foods.

Read on to find out if 20 Minute Meals is for you.


20 Minute Meals is an 80 page ebook cookbook. After the introduction there is a section on why Leigh Ann wrote this book. She gave herself 4 rules for putting together a meal for her family which included no microwave (I totally agree with her), no processed foods, must include whole, real foods, and be on the table in 20 minutes.


Next up is how to use the book which includes meal planning and a few substitutions you can make.


Next there is a section on making 20 Minute Meals work for you. The idea IS 20 Minute Meals so Leigh Ann gives you tips for keeping your children busy, and organizing your workspace. No microwave here. If you’ve been using one Leigh Ann cautions you about them and gives you tips to go without.


Next it’s time to cook. Here is what’s included…


  • Preplanned Monthly Meal Plan and matching Grocery List
  • Preplanned Weekly Meal Plans with matching Grocery Lists
  • 28 Dinner Recipes using proteins such as chicken, ground beef, steak, fish, and pork
  • 2 Salad Recipes
  • Links to 6 Salad Dressing Recipes
  • Links to 10 Sauce Recipes
  • Links to 4 Spice Mix Recipes
  • Links to 10 Bread Recipes
  • Links to 3 other miscellaneous recipes
  • Printable Planning Pages for…
    • Monthly Dinner Planner Grocery List
    • Weekly Meal and Grocery Planner Pantry Inventory
    • Freezer Inventory
    • Refrigerator Inventory

    My Review20 Minute Meals is a great resource to have on hand for those busy nights. The ingredients are not overly exotic especially if you cook many meals from home. Items such as balsamic vinegar, coconut oil, spices, pastas, wraps, and fresh veggies.


    Could I use 20 Minute Meals every night? Most of the recipes look delicious and are exactly how my family eats. My meats are usually frozen so the menu planning is ideal for me. I have made a few of Leigh Anns dishes which were wonderful. I haven’t made a full week of them but that’s because a few nights a week are too busy for me to spend any time in the kitchen and I quickly thaw something such as soup from the freezer.


    Do the meals take 20 minutes? For the few I did make yes they only took 20 minutes. The key is to have your meat fully thawed and your ingredients ready and your workspace prepped.

    It’s a great buy at only $4.99 => 20 Minute Meals

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