52 Weeks of Fresh Breakfast Ideas: Week 28: Berry Yogurt Pancakes

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I’m taking the bull by the horns so to speak. I haven’t been getting along with breakfast for some time and I aim to rework that this year. Join me in my quest to find 52 Fresh Breakfast Ideas that don’t leave me feeling heavy or my family still hungry. We may revisit dishes you already know or find some new favorites but my goal for 2014 is a new appreciation for breakfast.

Remember last week I made yogurt with my new yogurt maker? Well over the weekend my Belgian yogurt Culture from Cultures for Health arrived and I made yogurt with it. Yumm! It wasn’t as thick as regular Greek Yogurt but it was thicker than the yogurt from the previous batch.

Also over the week I’ve talked my sister into getting a yogurt maker. She and her son and husband also eat yogurt and they all eat it daily. Her needs for yogurt are a bit more than mine so she is looking for something a little more robust than the machine I purchased. So far she has her eye on the Cuisinart, because she’s not one to hang out in the kitchen like me and it boils the milk for you, but I’m trying to talk her down to this machine also by Euro Cuisine which will meet her big yogurt needs.

Well enough about machines. How am I using all this yogurt? Well so far I’ve been making plain, as in no flavor, so I can use it in dishes and such. I’ve made a sauce for salmon, cornbread, smoothies, and this past week I saved a jar of the yogurt so I could make some yummy pancakes for breakfast.

I ended up making yogurt pancakes that have berries, oats, and yogurt in them. They rose nicely and were delicious. The Sweet Peanut ate them entirely without maple syrup.

Here’s the original recipe and my version…



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  1. I have a yogurt maker and maybe I should try to use it. These pancakes looks great! Yum! I love pancakes and I love berries! So healthy too. I’ll note this recipe. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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