Sprucing Up Your Home’s Front Porch for Autumn


Fall was formerly not one of my favorite times of year.

Back to school, colder weather, not as much outdoors. I wasn't all for it.

But as I've grown older I've come to love Fall or Autumn as it is more elegantly called. The colors are gorgeous. The slight dip in temperature brings out gorgeous textured clothing from the closet depths. The thoughts of cozy gatherings in the home bring warm thoughts.  And the return to sumptuous soups and stews warms the body.

Another thing Fall brings about are lovely transformations of front porches. Big and small. In my neighborhood the last week or so have brought out fall touches to the homes.  Things like beautiful Autumn foliage,  tasteful wreaths in, and warm country touches.

The next time you're driving or walking down the street just look and see how your neighbors have touched things up a bit.
You may also notice like I did that although Autumn is a beautiful time of year it's also the time of year that your home can look a little haggard if you don't take a little time and give it some love.

Let's try and spruce things up for Fall shall we?

Take care of any summer annuals and tend to your perennials:

Now is the time to dead head your chrysanthemums. These flowers can look so lovely in front of your home when in bloom but once the blooms die down give that plant a bit of extra care so it can rest in winter comfort and be ready next year. Cut off the dead blooms all over the plant. The green will be pretty touch to the front of your home in winter.

Do you have any dying annuals? Replace them with some pretty fall foliage. Ornamental kale, and purple cabbage are really nice green additions.

Next  it's time to clean off the dirt:

Cobwebs and dirt can gather quickly at the front door. Long ago (okay maybe about 15 years) I actually didn't think much about this.  Then once, again long ago, I was reading this great vintage story in the story the main character would take to her porch every morning and give it a good sweeping. It wasn't critical to the story or anything but it imprinted on my brain. Clean off that porch!

So yeah, I may not do it every day but every few days I take my outside broom and sweep away keeping the porch nice and tidy.



Finally let's decorate a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.57.19 AM
Pretty Autumn Floral Display BGH.com

A front porch gives a glimpse of the people that live beyond the door. Show your sweet side.

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  1. I love decorating for fall. I love the idea of a new rocking chair on the front porch. I have always loved them.

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