6 Tips from Professionals for Keeping Your Carpet Clean


  • Let’s start wit the regular vacuuming. Dust your home regularly and vacuum after you dust. Put your dusting chore on a cleaning schedule and better yet hand it off to one of your children. You don’t need to dust each room every day but if you rarely dust try increasing the frequency and dusting each room once a week. This shouldn’t take long. About 5 to 15 minutes to dust the surfaces in your home.
  • For other areas of your carpet not walked on so often vacuum less often such as every other day or even weekly depending upon how much traffic goes through the particular room or area of the room.
  • While you’re vacuuming check for spots and and treat them. Also clean up spots and spills as they happen. Use a product for the type of spots you’re treating.  Some carpets that have a stain guard on them only need cleaning with a bit of water. If you have pets check out my post on this great affordable treatment to get rid of those AWFUL cat stains (and smells).
  • Use door mats at all entrances to your home. Much of the dirt in our carpets is tracked in from the outside. Put a door mat right outside each door and another right inside the door. Shake out these mats weekly , vacuum the indoor ones, and hose off the outdoor ones regularly.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year. If you rent a machine or use your own machine be sure and provide a good amount of air flow to your carpet after cleaning so that your carpet can dry completely. Use fans and open windows for this.


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