The Kitchen – Day 3 – 7 Days to a Cleaner Home

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This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series 7 Days to a Cleaner Home

7 Days to a Cleaner Home - Day 3 the KitchenThis is part 3 of the series 7 Days to a Cleaner Home This series details how I get my whole house in company order in the space of 7 days. 

The kitchen is usually one of the biggest cleaning jobs in a home (next to the bathroom that is).

The daily use of cooking meals and even just getting snacks out of the pantry gives the kitchen constant use. And a clean kitchen is one hallmark of a good homemaker (or so people tend to think). A clean kitchen (for some reason) gives visitors the impression that you know what you’re doing in that room.

A clean kitchen (for some reason) gives visitors the impression that you know what you’re doing in that room. Whether you agree with this or not it’s what people think. I love to cook, spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and find it to be my favorite room. It’s a difficult room for me to keep clean though. Because it gets constant use.

In the Kitchen. This is part 3 of the series Clean Your House in a Week! This series details how I get my whole house in company order in the space of 7 days.

To aid in keeping a clean kitchen it is beneficial great to have a regular cleaning routine for it and to fight through the dislike of doing it and just get it done!

Although this list for a clean kitchen is part of our 7 Days to a Cleaner Home  you can use this cleaning routine any time to wip your kitchen into place (in fact I need to go do this now).

I use this routine once a week (when I have time) or my kitchen would look… well like I had never cleaned it. I cook a lot!

Get your cleaning supplies and bring them into the kitchen.

It’s a nice convenient idea to put together a cleaning kit specified for the particular room you are cleaning. Here is another idea for putting together a cleaning kit for your home.

Your 7 Days to a Clean Home Kitchen Cleaning Method

Cleared countertops are much easier to clean so the first thing is to put things away to clear away clutter. Move all the things that aren’t normally on the counters to their respective rooms orareas.

Since this is just weekly cleaning I don’t clean the drip pans on the stove. I do those once a month. I replace the foil on the drip pans and soak the rings in the sink in dishwashing detergent. But with the weekly cleaning, I just wipe down the stove top and front well.

Update: I now have a gas stove and for some reason cook a lot messier! With that I take off the grates once a week and scrub the top of the stove. I also wipe it down after every cooking session.

The details

  1. Wash up all dirty dishes or put them in the dishwasher for washing.
  2. Take the top off the garbage pail and place it in the middle of the kitchen floor.
  3. Start putting things on the counter away and throwing trash in the garbage.
  4. Open the fridge and toss all expired foods. Empty the plastic with expired foods and dump the plastic in the sink for washing.
  5. Now wash up all the dishes and make sure countertops are cleared.
  6. Dust ceiling corners, tops of cabinets, and behind doors. (See why we cleared everything?)
  7. Next, fill your sink with your cleaning solution. Get two cleaning cloths (I prefer microfiber for this job).
  8. Rinse a cloth in your cleaning solution and start wiping from top to bottom the counters and cupboard fronts. Get the wall behind the stove and next to it.
  9. Now its time to clean the stovetop. Remove grates. It’s best to next spray the stove first with an all purpose cleaner to let it dissolve whatever is stuck there. Then use a clean dry cloth to wipe it all up. Clean the grates in the sink if you have a double sink otherwiwse clean them after #14 and place them back on the stove.
  10. Go over the top of the fridge with one of your damp cloths. If you do this weekly you can go over the top of the fridge without your cloth being overloaded with gunk. If this is the first time you’ve done the top of the fridge then, by all means, get a new cloth.
  11. Do you have a window in your kitchen? Use your window cleaner and a clean cloth. I spray one side of the window all over and then using side to side motion from the top to bottom clean it dry. Takes a second!
  12. If you have stainless steel appliances use a dry cloth and either glass cleaner or your specialty cleaner and wipe them down. Otherwise clean them with your all purpose cleaner and a cloth.
  13. You have several cleaning cloths. If one gets gunky place it to the side (preferably the floor) and get the next one. This is a reminder.
  14. Once you’re done wiping down the kitchen drain the sink. Then use your preferred cleanser and scrub out the sink. You would be amazed at how food can sometimes stick to the sides. Use your scrubby if you need to. Sometimes I scrub around the faucet area with the toothbrush. About once a month for that. Now rinse it out. Dry it too if you prefer.
  15. Okay now you need to clean the floor. If you have laminate or wood clean with the recommended cleaner same for tile.
  16. Extra credit: Take the garbage pail outside and hose it down and wash it out (or do this in your laundry sink)

Note: What you use on your floors also depends on the flooring material.

Some Tips for the future:

Spot check your fridge. Clean it all out a few times a year (you be the judge based on how icky it gets).

Sweep your kitchen floor daily. And if you have a quick mop give it a quick swipe at the end of the day.

Once a month tackle the bigger jobs in your kitchen. Get dust on the ceilings, declutter a cupboard or drawer, clean a shelf  in the pantry, you get the idea.

Note I do not clean my drip pans weekly. In fact my husband thinks I should just buy new ones when they get gross but I cover them with foil and change the foil monthly…Buying new ones would be less of a hassle….This all can still apply to you but I have a gas stove with no drip pans… just annoying food catching dips.

Clean messes as they happen.

You’re done!

Turn out the lights and pat yourself on the back. Ban your family from eating (just kidding).

Tomorrow get ready for the bedrooms…

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  1. Thank you so much for this useful post Kemi. It is about time I started the Clean Your House in a Week series again. It helped me get ahead last year and didn’t take too much effort on my part. This year I think I will ask the youngsters to help out, and maybe we can finish it before the week is out! I really like all your useful articles. Would you consider making them printables?

    1. You’re so welcome Fiona 🙂 I figured getting the kitchen in order was timely. So much to say on that subject and so little time! Printables are a great idea! Now to come up with a cute template….

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