Clearing Up the Clutter Spaces in Your Home

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For every problem of organizing there is a solution that should neither break the bank nor require the services of a professional. Removing general clutter is one of those solutions.

Cleared off spaces look so much nicer and inviting than cluttered spaces. They keep your home looking neat and they have a calming influence too.

Let’s set up different areas of the home so that they have adequate space for the activities that take place there.

We’ll look at three areas of the home today…

The Front Entrance –

The front entrance of your home is not necessarily a room. And because of that there should be as little as possible in the way of furniture and decoration to mar the way. Other than coats and umbrellas the things that can get out of place here are the mail and keys.

If you have enough space in your front entrance a small table for mail and packages and a little bowl for keys is a perfect way to contain excess. Keep a small pail to dump junk mail.

If you have not the room (I meant to say it like that) a little key hanger on the back of your closet door or on the wall at the entrance takes care of keys. For mail, to keep the junk factor down, move it to another area of the home. Or hang a mail sorter on the wall.

Clean up the front entrance weekly. It’s one of the most used room in the home.


The Kitchen Counter-

Kitchen counters are also big junk magnets. I mean big! They are usually the place excess for mail. Especially if there is no space at the front of the house. You can come up with either a place to put the mail in the kitchen or in another part of your home.

Simple solutions can be had for corralling clutter in the kitchen. Decorative boxes, in wood or cardboard as your budget allows can make a junky pile seem almost stylish.

  • Putting things away when you’re done.
  • Keeping less often used appliances put up and out of sight.
  • Organizing your pantry with baskets will make it easier to find things and less likely for you to keep them out on the counter.


The Bedroom-

Another place that gets junky very quickly in many homes is the bedroom.

In a family it is the personal home within a home so all else goes here. From clothes to shoes to toys and books it can REALLY get cluttered in a hurry.

I like to go through our master bedroom each week and remove excess clutter. Here are some ways they build up and the steps I take to clear them.

  • Dresser tops. My husband empties his pockets each night and the papers, coins, etc can pile up. I have a little tray for papers and cards our daughter started collecting his coins for her piggy bank. I also keep a basket for odds and ends on the dresser.
  • Shoes. I’m a bit finicky about putting shoes away after wearing them all day. So we purchased standing valets with a shoe rack. Every day shoes can get an airing that way.
  • Clothes. As much as I dislike laundry only by my doing it can I keep the clothing clutter under control.
  • Making the bed each morning signals to me to do my best in keeping the rest of the bedroom neat.
  • For my daughter’s room I purchased cheap cloth covered boxes and made labels for kinds of toys. She can clean her room in a jiffy by just dumping things in their assigned boxes. She also has one big (iKea) toy bin where odds and ends toys go. I used to want to throw all that stuff out but when I saw how my nephew’s own big ol bin came in handy for visiting kids I decided it was a good idea. And it is. We go through it every so often to get rid of broken things and then we may find something new to play with. I like to think of it as a big junk drawer. Everyone needs one.


 So start today and tackle a small area of your home and clear it of excess clutter.