Accomplishing More at Home by Setting Weekly Goals

Accomplishing More at Home by Setting Weekly Goals - Homemaking Organized


There are plenty of things we do around the house on a weekly basis. From laundry to cleaning out the fridge for the new week’s groceries. And all that falls between.

These don’t seem like much. In fact they seem like things you should be able to remember without laying them out as goals. But sometimes we can forget simple things such as these. When you write them down as a weekly goal these little things can sometimes add up to help you meet your big goals.

In 2012 I myself learned the value of creating simple daily and weekly goals to accomplish more in the home and in my personal life.

Each week I followed along as Crystal Paine of MoneySavingMom listed her goals for the coming week (she still does this today). She didn’t limit her goals to what she did in the home but also her business and what happened with her family.

I was intrigued so when you follow along you simply make your own list of weekly goals.  Slowly I started to note that things I had been procrastinating on were getting done. Some small sewing projects. I kept up with my exercise. I finished some work projects.

The simple act of writing down my weekly goals inspired me to accomplish more.

Weekly Goals


You know that old saying about eating an elephant a bite at time? My sister would ask something like, “But what does elephant taste like?” But that’s off topic.

What is on topic is that you can and will accomplish great things even if you have to do them a little bit at a time. Just like eating a big ol’ elephant, which thank goodness is just a metaphor, a bite at a time.

So what are the weekly goals?

Small bites of tasks you need to get done to accomplish bigger things.

Setting small simple goals is especially helpful if you seem overwhelmed with too much to do. Have a busy life. Seem to procrastinate about getting things done. And/or have a large goal that seems a long way off.

What kind of weekly goals should you have?

Well I think that’s up to you. What are your long term goals? Break those down into small weekly tasks. I tend to focus my goals where I procrastinate and put them under four headings.

    • Family: What things are you hoping to improve or work in with your family?
    • Personal: What is something you want to accomplish?
    • Home: Have you been procrastinating on some home project?
    • Business: Have a business you want to grow? Or start?

 Keep Your Goals Small

Make your goals less of a hurdle by breaking down your big goals into small ones. Bite sized pieces we like to call them. If you want to accomplish your goal in a few months time work at it,  a little bit at a time, once a week until you get there.

Some ideas for planning weekly goals

  • Family – Plan one evening of family togetherness the next week (long term goal to make it a tradition).
  • Personal – Plan to exercise at least 3 times next week (long term goal to lose weight)
  • Home – Plan to clean off the top shelf of the pantry next week (long term goal to organize the kitchen)
  • Business – Plan to register your domain name next week (long term goal start a online business)


Small weekly goals help to get you to the bigger picture.

Simple Tips to Accomplishing Your Small Goals

  • Keep track of your goals with a weekly goals sheet.
  • Separate your goals by area of your life.
  • Keep them simple and the list small. Crystal over at lists no more than 10 new goals a week.
  • Be accountable. Tell someone else about your goals. You and a close girlfriend can get together on the phone or in person to update each other on your goals. Or you can work with your spouse. Even your children can work with you on goals. My daughter keeps me accountable in the exercise department.
  • Print off a copy of our free Weekly Goals Template and start accomplishing more today.

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  1. I have definitely found that list writing helps me to get things done. My husband has us using an app now too which has been helpful. Great tips.

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