Cleaning the Hall Closet (a 34 Weeks of Clean Update)

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We’re making great headway in cleaning through the house following 34 Weeks of Clean. As is expected with such an undertaking there have been some missed weeks and some not so thoroughly done jobs. I am officially 2 weeks behind.

Last week was for cleaning out the hall closet while this past week was for the laundry room. I hadn’t done a complete job with the hall closet so I used this past week to get that finished up. I was so inspired with Michele’s idea to wash up things that I just wanted to get to that.


So this closet is only like 8 months old. Not a lot of time to get out of sorts but we did our best. I was getting into my usual habit of throwing things in and slamming the door.

It’s such a good idea to clean out the hall closet each season. Breathe new air into it and get out the dust bunnies. So feel free to join in.

I spent one day taking care of this. Found a few things to get rid of. Boy we have a lot of hats! And scarves, and gloves. And got the other items organized.


I like to keep hats, scarves, and gloves in baskets. You can see them up above. The wicker one is really old and actually losing pieces but I love it so much and we’ve had it since we got married so I’m hanging on. I keep gloves and scarves in it. The white one is from Ikea. I keep hats in it. Summer and winter.

I washed up the hats, scarves, washable coats and jackets and organized the rest.


The closet is small but it can get dark in there so I added a motion sensor light that I put on the wall. I don’t like the bright LED white light but it was batter operated, could be put up without screws, and got the best reviews on Amazon. So far it does the job well.

I also pulled out a box of pictures that we’re supposed to be getting framed and some old shoes I used to wear to play in the dusty lot near our old home. They have totally seen better days so out they went.

I vacuumed out the floor and put things back.


It might not look very different but really it is. I also added a lavender sachet hanging there on the right (see the little bag).

So all done!

Steps to a Clean Hall Closet

  1. Take everything out.
  2. Organize by type
  3. Pull out the things to wash
  4. Pull out the things to get rid of in one form or another
  5. Dust the shelf in there
  6. Vacuum or sweep the floor

Are you joining us for 34 Weeks of Clean?

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  1. Washing everything is the best way to end a season and start fresh with a new one! And, yes, I love baskets too! 😉 Thanks for linking up!

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