Fabulous Adorable Felt Play Food Toys

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[I originally posted this in 2012 and since that crafty time is coming around in my home I thought I would dust it off and bring it back out.]

I’m in the midst of getting ready for my daughter’s birthday again. I’m not a big party thrower so that’s not what this post is about. It’s become an annual tradition that I dust off my sewing machine, unclog the glue bottles, and create something meaningful for this special time.

A few years ago the toy du jour was felt toys for my daughter. It turned out beautifully and is still played with today 3 years later.

Some background:
Back when I was a new mom I thought it was great to get that cheap plastic and cardboard play food in great quantities. Fast forward 8 years and we have had a ton of it that was just laying around the house. One of those cases of quantity not quality.

So we had little talk with the Sweet Peanut and made the decision to donate our excess of pretend dishes, food and such and replace it with just a few pieces of well thought out pretend food based on how she plays. She says “Okay”.

Our daughter has this great love for Thanksgiving. Ever since our homeschool program spent a month going over the Pilgrims, Native Americans, being thankful etc she prepares Thanksgiving dinner on a daily basis for her stuffed animals.


We decided to get some play food for that meal and some new dishes. You see her previous set included 2 teapots, about 8 plates maybe more, several pots, ice cream cups, regular cups, a juicer, a pitcher… really it goes on but there was so much I’ve forgotten all of them. Her kitchen set, which we spent more thought on, came with one stock pot and a ladle which we are keeping.

Now after browsing around I found myself on Etsy again (I love Etsy, people are sooo talented) and fell in love with felt food. This is not my first time seeing felt food. My aunt has several books laying around with it in there and has been trying to get me to make some of my own felt food to no avail but this time it spoke to me. So cute and fluffy. All the lovely things you someone else can make. It’s so beautiful.

So I ordered the main dish from Etsy


The Sweet Peanut REALLY likes pumpkin pie so mommy24cs is looking good for this…


And The Birch’s Perch Shop has adorable crackable eggs, peeled bananas and shucked corn I have my eye on.


As tempted as I am to overindulge and get Breakfast, and lunch, some fancy desserts and more I think this will keep Peanut happy for some time and I really need to try my hand at making some (right before posting this I made a very ugly pancake with a pat of butter and some syrup).

There are a lot of cute felt toy food items on Etsy the problem will be making your choice.

Or if you’re creative and talented you can get patterns and supplies to make your own felt play food at…

And buy felt fabric on the cheap at Hancock’s Fabrics.

Craftsy has a Holiday Felts Class


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