Gardening Season – Grow Your Own DIY Antiobiotics

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With antibiotic resistance becoming a bigger and bigger issue have you ever wondered if there was there anything else you could do when the need arises, or are you stuck with what the drug companies put out?

Well, it turns out there are alternatives – and you know what?

These alternatives are actually much better!

There is a network of people who are producing their own food an medicine…  And some of them are making their own antibiotics.

And you can make your own too.

At home.

Most people will want to do this in their backyards, on a patio, or rooftop.  But I suppose you could do it indoors too.

No, you won’t need a lab or chemistry set.  No, you won’t need microscopes or chemicals.  Nope, you won’t even need a spectrum analyzer or centrifuge….

You won’t even need a degree in bio-chemistry or organic formulations.

This is so simple it’s just amazing you aren’t doing it right now.

And, get this: this particular antibiotic not only helps boost your immune system for any time you have an infection, but it is also good for when you have a cold, it’s known to help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, it’s been known to help balance blood sugar, fight cancer, and fungus.

Yet it is completely natural.

Want to know more?

Watch this short 2:31 video on DIY antibiotics.

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