Sometimes We Just Need a Reboot – Day 1 The Kitchen



This week 31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way  has been revised (you can read my post on that here) and to kick off revision week Sarah Mae is going through the book day by day helping you to have that Martha home and touch you with some Mary wisdom too.

To recap this workbook will help you to reboot your home (I love reboots) and clean up some key spaces also. Sarah Mae is a confessed non-cleaner so she knows where you’re coming from if you’re having trouble getting it together in the housekeeping arena. She evens says she’s praying for you to have that maid! I love that. Although I’m a bit possessive about my house and cleaning it so thanks but no thanks.

Today is Day 1 in the kitchen. And by the way it really helps to have the book so you can be ahead of the game and have your cleaning done in the morning ready to post in the afternoon or evening.

So even though I’m also doing 34 Weeks of Clean which has me digging deep into the recesses of my home 31 Days to Clean has me keeping on top of that daily routine, one I’m apt to forgot and dismiss in the exhaustion that can creep in every so often.

Thankfully my kitchen wasn’t too horrific but it was good to tidy it up.

  • Did the dishes.
  • Started the dishwasher.
  • Cleaned off the countertops
  • and even made pancakes.

Laundry, also part of the game plan, is running right now.

How did you do? Stop in at SarahMae and leave a note.

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