Soy Sauce Substitutes and Recipes

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I love Asian food. I used to eat it all the time. Until my body decided that soy was not going to have a welcome reception in my body.

This was hard too because I know what I’m missing. I grew up on Asian food. My mother worked with women from various Asian countries who would share their recipes with her (we ate a lot of tofu) and in college the bulk of my friends were Asian. Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Cambodian and more. And they all shared their cultural foods with me.


After years of going without a good stir fry, pot stickers, chicken adobo and more . I knew I had to start finding ways to get that good ole flavor without soy.

I’ve tried many recipes over the years and have recently switched over to just using [simpleazon-link asin=”B003XB5LMU” locale=”us”]Coconut Aminos[/simpleazon-link]. But they are pricey and sometimes it’s easier to just make your own.

In the beginning I would just mix up some beef bouillon and add vinegar to taste but recipes have come a long way in the last few years since many more people are looking to avoid soy and it’s derivatives.


List of Soy Free Soy Sauce Alternatives and Recipes



Alternative for Soy Bean Paste

Chick Pea Miso


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