Does Spring really have to mean Spring Cleaning?

Gather Spring Cleaning Supplies

No. Of course you can do whatever you want. But it is a nice time to throw open the doors and beat back the winter’s dust.

The longer sunny days just calling your name and your home wants a piece of the action.

Take a deep breath and let me get you started.

What Should I Clean?

Well depending upon what stage of life you are in you may want to tackle different things.

Today we’ll talk about having very little time to devote to spring cleaning. You don’t have hours in the day to purge and scrub but you have areas of your home you would still like to touch up.

Maybe you have lots of little ones around you? A busy day jog. Or other cares that take much more precedence than a spotless kitchen.

How To Tackle Spring Cleaning Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Spring cleaning can be one of the most time consuming and overwhelming seasonal tasks. In fact, many people simply end up skipping it. Yet that means also missing out on the rewards of a thoroughly clean home. Much like New Yearís Resolutions, spring cleaning helps you get a clean slate.

Here are five tips to help you tackle spring cleaning without getting overloaded.

1. Limit your time.Make a list of spring cleaning details you want to tackle. Estimate how much time you think it will take to clean each area. For example, your pantry might take 40 minutes.

When cleaning the space make sure you stick to the time limit. It’s easy to get distracted and sidetracked when cleaning. For example maybe your goal is to empty pantry, vacuum and wipe shelves, put everything back in a nice order. But then you notice that some of the baskets you use to organize your food stuffs could use new liners so you take all the baskets out, empty them, go off and sew up some new liners. Okay maybe that’s over exaggertating but you get the idea. Stick to the plan.

2. Create a Spring Cleaning checklist. A checklists help you stay focused, keep you on track, and remind you of what you’ve already accomplished. You can simply go down the list, check tasks off and finish your spring cleaning quickly and efficiently.

3. Spread it out. Don’t try and accomplish all your Spring Cleaning at once. Spread it out. Spring actually lasts a while so take your time. Maybe take on one big job each weekend. Tackle smaller jobs during the week. For example, spring cleaning your kitchen is a big job. Schedule it on the weekend. Cleaning your coat closet shouldn’t take more than an hour. It’s something you can do in an evening. On my list was to declutter my piano. I tend to start stacking books on top of it as I play and it had gotten out of hand. On the agenda? Clear it off, dust it, find new homes for most of the books and organize the rest neatly on top.

4. Gather supplies first. This goes for any cleaning project. Before you begin, gather all the supplies you’ll need to get the job done. Use a cleaning kit. It makes sense to have a different cleaning kit for each space in your home. For example, your bathroom will have a designated cleaning kit. Your kitchen will have another. And maybe you’ll even have another for cleaning general living spaces such as bedrooms and family or living rooms.

Collecting your supplies before you clean means you won’t have to stop in the middle of a task to hunt down the necessary equipment.


5. Create a system. When I say “create a system” I mean have a method to your madness or your cleaning. Such as grouping like tasks together. For example, when you’re vacuuming the carpets, also vacuum the air vents, the corners of the ceiling and the blinds or window treatments. It saves time and energy. Cleaning glass? Clean all glass, mirrors etc.

6. Only Spring Clean a few things. This is what I’m doing this year. Life just too busy to think about Spring Cleaning but there are some areas of your home encrusted with dust you would like to take care of? Well just take care of those areas. Just those areas. Nothing more. Don’t sweat it.

So you see! Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job. With a few simple strategies you can enjoy the refreshing benefits of spring cleaning without all of the stress and anxiety and upheaval.

Create your own Spring Cleaning Plan and make it work for you!


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