Thoughtful Bedroom Update Renuzit Home Style Challenge : Review and Giveaway

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Renuzit Home Style Challenge

It seems like the home updates never end. Just when you finish one project several more loom on the horizon. One of the projects we have on the to-do list in our home is to touch up our Master Bedroom. We actually like the color choices and the general feel of the room but I’ve been wanting to add a few more touches to give it the ambiance we are looking for.

My needs…okay wants were simple.

1. A lovely picture to grace the wall above our bed.

2. Pretty lampshades with a hint of color.

3. A soft throw rug.

4. A big plant (I have these lying around)

5. A soft scent in the air to bring on the tranquility.



And the Renuzit brand sent me some things to help this project along.


The first thing I was sent was a couple of bottles of New Pearl Scents Beautiful by Air Design. Pearl Scents odor neutralizing air freshener beads come in a bevy of beautiful colors and several scents to inspire you and freshen the air in your home.

  • Blue Sky Breeze
  • Sparking Rain
  • Fresh Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Chamomile
  • Jasmine
  • and Seductive Pineapple

The pretty shiny beads last for 30 days and there’s no outlet, flame involved. I’m sold.

I was sent two scents Sparking Rain and Blue Sky Breeze. The jars are 9 oz and you can remove the outter plastic cover so that all that shows is your pretty shiny beads. The top is a pretty filigree pattern to let the scent come through.

Since green is my color the first jar I set out was Sparkling Rain.

Of course the scent doesn’t smell like Sparkling Rain but it’s a pretty floral scent. It was a little too strong for our room at night so I remove it at night and set it in the hallway.

The beads are so pretty but I imagine these would be might tempting for little ones so if you decide to get some keep that in mind.

I’m anxious to try the Blue Sky Breeze but I want to wait until the Sparkling Rain runs out.

Man! They last a long time!

The next part of the challenge was to head to the Home Goods Store with a $50 gift card courtesy of Renuzit and get something nice for my chosen room (remember it’s the master bedroom).

First let me say I’ve never been to Home Goods. The closest one to us is in the next state and we had to time it with another trip into town.

Upon first walking in I knew I was in trouble. Everything was SO CUTE! I got severely side tracked immediately! It was hard but but I looked at my husband and daughter and said, “Focus! You know what we came here for so don’t get side tracked!”

Now if you’ve never been to the Home Goods Store before it’s one of those stores that sells designer merchandise at deep discount prices. The inventory changes constantly but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

I knew I was working with a bit of a handicap because I was pretty specific about what items we needed. Lampshades, a fluffy small rug, and a pretty picture. But these items all hard to have certain color details too.

We headed to the lamp section. They had a bunch of lovely lamps but very few lampshades and nothing in two’s. That was disappointing but I still had a few other things on my list.

I got very side tracked by huge lovely clocks and even fancy big chalkboards in the artwork section. I think I spent most of my time there before regrouping and coming back to the original plan. The rug was also a no go at this time.

I got side tracked by the basket aisle and then the soaps and lotions (who wouldn’t get lost there?!!).

So I actually ended up coming out of the Home Goods Store empty handed. I know I looked weird.

Does this mean I failed the challenge? Not on your life! It means I kept my cool and composure knowing that while I didn’t find what I wanted today, when it comes to the Home Goods Store there is always tomorrow. The inventory is always changing and we spotted some other items we might want to pick up for other rooms in the home.

This just means another road trip.

5 Low Cost Tips for Updating a Room

It doesn’t take a lot of money to make big changes in the rooms in your home.

1. Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes all it takes is a small furniture placement for big changes. A chair near the window? Move a plant or a lamp. Enjoy it. It’s fun!

2. Add a few colorful throw pillows. These can make a huge statement and cost very little.

3. Add a pretty throw rug that compliments your room.

4. Add a nice picture

5. Clean it up. Clutter can make what would be  lovely room rather ugly. Pare down your belongings and containerize things.

For now our Master Bedroom Update is limited to the our Renuzit Pearl Scents but hopefully soon we’ll find just the right pieces to give it that special touch.

Would you like to add a little fresh scent to your home? I’m giving away two coupons (one each). Enter below.

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