Kids Birthday Party Ideas

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Designate one room in the home Birthday Room. This is where the mess, if there be any, happens. Have children remove shoes at the door. Is the room carpeted or wood floor? If it’s carpeting and you don’t own a steam cleaner, rent or borrow one for after the party. Just plan on giving your carpeting it’s spring cleaning after the birthday party. Don’t think about it before or during the party or you will stress yourself out.



Make decorating extra easy on yourself and order a complete birthday party pack. I order one every year for my daughter in the theme of the year. So far it’s been farm, ladybugs, and zoo. It makes planning easier. I figure on number of guests and order the correct size package complete with goody bags, tablewear, balloons, and streamers. All items needed come to your door. You supply the kids.


Try a family birthday party. Sometimes having just family at your kids birthday party is extra special. Think you can’t all play the same games? Not true. Fun games such as a pinata, one of those mini basketball hoops, balloon ball, simon says, musical chairs and pin the tail can be played by all. I ought to know we do this every year for four generations of family fun.


Be sensitive to food allergies. If you have some children or guests coming that have food allergies please be extra sensitive. We have several DIFFERENT food allergies and diet restrictions among friends and family. Coming together for celebrations took a little bit of working out but is worth it for the fellowship. Mostly it came down to learning to cook many things from scratch. The time you take to make sure the allergic child also has a good safe time will be remember so don’t feel put out. Get their parents involved too. They can help you with suggestions or maybe even the party! There are several bakeries these days that make allergy specific cakes. Read this article for more information on peanut allergies and birthday parties.


Kids Birthday Party Game Ideas:

  • Pin the tail on the donkey or some other animal
  • Pinata (there are pull string pinatas for a little less aggressive version)
  • Musical Chairs
  • Balloon Ball. A game my family came up with. Have two sides and hit the balloon back and forth. Keep points by whichever team allows the balloon to drop. Fun for the whole family.
  • Simon Says
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Have a mini craft that everyone can take home


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