Tips for Choosing the best Homeschool Curriculum for your Children

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Thinking long and hard about homeschooling? It can seem an overwhelming task but it’s not…if you’re organized! Just kidding, sort of. Follow these tips to choosing the right homeschool curriculum for your child.

WHich Homeschool Curriculum is best?

How do I find the best curriculum?

Top 10 Homeschool Curriculum for 2021

  • Choose a teaching method: There are tons of teaching methods for homeschoolers out there. You may have heard of such things as “Unit Studies, Classical , Montessori,” and more. Not to mention traditional methods. Get to know more about each of these methods. Head on over and download the free report Eclectic Homeschooling: The Combination Approach. This free report will discuss the basics of the different homeschooling styles and also give you the opportunity to create your own unique curriculum from the information you learn.
  • Get a handle on your child’s learning style: In homeschool you will want to know how your child learns best. Is your child a visual learner, or by watching/seeing? Does your child learn best after you explain the subject. An aural learner? Does you child learn with hands on? Or is your child a visual learner? This can be beneficial with subjects your child may have issues in grasping. You can supplement your chosen curriculum with learning style specifics. For more on your child’s learning style visit Homeschool Views Learning quiz
  • Find your child’s level in reading and math: ?If your child is a bit older (1st grade on) you will want to assess their reading and math skills. Some children find one or both of these areas challenging and knowing where your child stands can help you better assess which teaching method/curriculum/ and level for their needs. If you have chosen a traditional curriculum they usually have assessment test just for this.
  • Figure out what courses your child will be doing in homeschool: Not sure what your child should be learning when? The nice thing about curriculums right out of the box is they usually include the basics and give you ideas for extra curricular stuff. Still not sure? World Book Encyclopedia has you covered. Check out this great list of typical courses of study for each grade year starting at preschool.
  • The Cost of Homeschooling: The cost of homeschooling may seem overwhelming in this economy. Your child’s education is important. Cost can be based on the age of your child, whether the curriculum is put together or whether you are assembling it from the many free and low cost resources available. Many companies have come up with ways to help you cover these costs. Sonlight and this great section of try before you buy homeschool freebies from theoldschooolhouse.


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