Using a Faux Tree for Home Decor Review

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Artificial Ficus Tree from Museum Trees in my living room.
If you’ve seen my gardening posts you may get the idea that I have a green thumb. That may be true but that’s all outside. When it comes to my indoor plants my success is not as great. I’ve been slowly adding artificial trees and plants to our home for decor. Museum Trees offers custom artificial trees for indoors and outdoors. With a new kitty in the home who loves to head for the toxic varieties this helps me to rest easy knowing that he won’t try and ingest the artificial ones. We have lived in this home about 4 years and in that time I’ve managed to kill several plants and one ficus tree indoors (smh). I would like to blame it on the lack of light in our living room but I’ve even tried to move the plants (and said tree) to our more lit rooms upstairs in the home. And then. Then we got the cat. I realize why cats need nine lives. Our cute kitty has been attempting to do himself in by chewing on what few plants I’ve managed to grow in our home. I’ve since moved those plants to rooms off limits to him and his chewing ways. Finally I realized that if I wanted to have green plants in the home I was going to have to give in to faux. Faux plants used to have a stigma attached to them. Dusty and only found in empty waiting rooms or bathrooms of the elderly they never really brought a smile to my face. But the last couple of years that stigma has been removed. Interior decorators are giving homes that fresh bright look with faux plants in all areas of the home. And I’m willing to jump on board.

The Benefits of Faux Plants in the Home

  • Pet Friendly: I love having plants in the home but if it’s a choice between our kitty and the live plants. The plants have to go. Several varieties can be toxic to cats and our new kitty in particular LOVES my live plants. So I’ve been moving them to off limits rooms and keeping the faux ones out. He’s not as tempted and they still add that nice green touch.
  • Low Light: You don’t need all that natural light with silk plants. Although I love a well lit room unfortunately I’m not so blessed in our home so live plants don’t do so well in certain rooms. Particularly our living room.
  • Low Maintenance: A little dusting with my electric air blower is all this baby needs to keep clean. They can be tucked into any corner to brighten it up.

My Faux Ficus Tree

When Museum Trees offered me a chance to review a faux plant from their sister site Silk Plants Direct collection I spent some time browsing through the offerings but I already knew what I was looking for. Our home has 9 foot ceilings downstairs. Due to the low lighting this actually doesn’t look that tall (to me) but with my, lack of, decorating style, I’ve been realizing  that I was looking too low when it came to home decor. I had always wanted a ficus tree in this corner (remember I killed a real ficus. Hanging head in shame). So I decided to go with the same variety in a faux plant. I found this great 6ft ficus tree on Silk Plants Direct and thought it would be the perfect addition to our living room. About a week later I returned home from a lunch outing to this massive box sitting on our porch in front our door! I wrestled the box in the door and proceeded to cut open the box. I will say my ficus tree was packed really well! Once I got the fully in tact tree (nothing to put together, yaaayyy!!!) out of the box I gave the box to my kitty who is in love (with the box). At 6 feet it makes a really nice addition to our living room. I am really impressed with the look. It’s really nice. Truthfully I didn’t think it looked as nice online but it’s much better in person. In some cases real trunks are used on the trees. I can’t tell if that’s the case with mine but it looks real to me. It came in a basket that looks nice enough but I will probably put it in something a little more fashionable once I figure out what that is. I already really liked our new faux ficus tree. I love the touch of green it adds to the living room. I’ve already had positive comments from my mother and another friend who thought the tree was real! Want a silk plant for your home decor? My readers can use code: BLOGGER10  for 10% Off your order at SilkPlants (except for custom). I received a complimentary tree in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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