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When my daughter’s friends visit they love to head straight to the pantry looking for something yummy to munch on.

While I lay down the rules as to what may be for family meals and what’s fair game I do try to have healthy snacks on hand for their endless munching. If you have teens you know how fast food can disappear so it’s nice to have healthier alternatives for common snack foods on hands.

Not to mention their mother’s are my friends and I do want to keep on their good side.

Love corn packages showing different flavors.

About Love Corn

Once such snack is LOVE CORN. #Momsmeet sent me a review package of LOVE CORN to test out on my little family.

LOVE CORN are yummy, savory and crunchy snacks made from corn kernels. They don’t use a ton of ingredients in their products so you can be assured your children aren’t ingesting tons of strange ingredients.

LOVE CORN is vegan. The snacks are gluten free, kosher, and sugar free.

LOVE CORN sent me a nice big box of their snack products to try. In my box was all four flavors of LOVE CORN: BBQ, Habanero, Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, some mini share bags of LOVE CORN, a LOVE CORN hat, mug cover, and some information about the company.

My box was quickly vandalized by some rogue teens (okay they are friends) who love these! I managed to rescue a few so I could take some pictures. My box was also repurposed into a Valentine Box for another young friend. But this is what it looked like before…

So lots of good things in my LOVE CORN box.

My favorite are the simple Sea Salt LOVE CORN. The only ingredients are sea salt, sunflower oil, and crunch corn. Voila! So simple.

My LOVE CORN box with full size bags, mini bags, and hat

OTher USEs for Love COrn

LOVE CORN is great on it’s own but they also make a good crunch addition to your salad. I’ve been adding LOVE CORN to our salads for that nice crunch. Other tasty uses for LOVE CORN…

  • lunch boxes
  • after sports
  • road trips
  • mid day snack
LOVE CORN Sea Salt used as salad toppings.

Get Love Corn

LOVE CORN is dedicated to giving back to the community. They have a 3 year goal of giving 1 million samples of LOVE CORN. Get your sample at (just pay shipping).

Or just dive in a buy some at . Use code MOMSLOVE for 25% off your LOVE CORN purchase through 10/31/21.

I received this product for free from MomsMeet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

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