Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing {Review}

Making Sense of Affliate Marketing my Review

I decided to purchase the ecourse Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardener of the blog Making Sense of Cents.

If you’ve been wanting to earn money with your blog through affiliate marketing read on to find out if Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing might be the course to help you learn all the ins and outs.

About the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the creation of Michelle Schroeder-Gardener. Michelle is a successful blogger over at Making Sense of Cents and a full time traveler who found such success with her blogging that she created a course to help other bloggers.

She created the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing that, if the reviews can be believed, has been very beneficial for other bloggers to also increase their earnings through their blogs.

Michelle’s course starts with the very basics and goes through all the steps of being affiliate marketer in seven detailed modules. I’ll list them below…

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. How to find Affiliate Programs and Apply to them
  3. Requirements for using Affiliate Links on your blog
  4. Getting your readers to buy through your affiliate links
  5. Different ways to promote your affiliate links
  6. How to keep it going
  7. And some bonuses

Each module has several lessons in it to guide you through the steps.

Modules one through three are for complete beginners and I quickly breezed through those.

Modules four, five, and six are not necessarily new to me but gave me some ideas and steps especially when it comes to monetizing older posts of mine.

Also included in the course is a membership to the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Facebook group. This is a great bonus because you can feedback on posts and connect with other students in the class on what is working for you or get feedback.

The Facebook group attached to the course is also a gold mine. You can get feedback and help from Michelle herself as well as other students. Share things you’re working on and tips for why some things didn’t work.

Michelle’s teaching style is very straightforward and to the point. She gives you all the details you need to know to have success each step of the way.

This is not a video based course. I mention that because some people prefer videos. I don’t have a problem with a text ecourse and even prefer it in some cases. Some times I absorb information better in written form.

Why I Purchased Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I’ve been online a looonnnggg time. I’ve owned a website for longer than I’ve blogged and in the early days I found it very easy to make money.

Times a changing and with it my blog has had to change. What are easy the past now takes a bit more work and finesse. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and in fact the skills that I’ve learned by having a blog have helped me in my (Real Life).

Back in the day all it took was a link to a product and people would buy but these days everyone has a link. So what’s going to make them choose yours?

A little over a year ago I plunked down some money for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by… I had heard good things from it from a few bloggers I follow. See this is how you find out about stuff. Going through a few blogging courses I own I found Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing was recommended time and again as sound beginner’s course to follow to be successful with affiliate marking.

Back in the day (told you I’ve been around a long time) courses that taught affiliate marketing were mostly done by men and seemed to be for the super driven business minded person. There was nothing with a less aggressive approach that felt less like a used salesman.

I will tell you I read about Michelle’s course for several years before purchasing it. What caused to make the jump? Two things.

  1. My affiliate sales were dropping and I knew I needed to figure out why.
  2. The final person who recommended it to me was a blogger I had come to trust. I had already spent a year going through this blogger’s courses and was impressed with not only what I was learning but also the resources she recommended to grow my blog. (oh you want to know how? StartaMomBlog).

So I bought it. And it was the second course I actually fully finished. Wahoo!

My Results with Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I took the course over a year ago and in that time I’ve not become rich but I’ve gone back to drawingboard to fix some things that were holding back my affiliate earnings. Much of what was in the course was not new to me but remember I’ve been blogging for a llloooonnnggg time.

What this course did for me was cause me to go back and review some of my early posts. I’m now in the process of revamping a lot of what I wrote early on.

I’ve also learned about some low hanging fruit I’ve been letting die on the vine.

I don’t have those fabulous blogging figures to share with you yet (not sure I would share them online even if I did). And I’ve had to make some changes in who and what I was blogging for. I had to fulfill a contract that, while I did enjoy, limited me in what I could do with my blog and has also caused me to lose precious time making changes I needed to.

So how about those results?

Where I have implemented the things I’ve learned it has paid off.

Purchase: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Who is this course for?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a course that that is geared for bloggers just starting the monetizing point of their blogging. Usually you have gotten comfortable with regularly blogging and knowledge some technical terms and how to get around the back end of your blog. The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing will walk you through step by step how to start and succeed at affiliate marketing.

Pssst! If you’re a little more advanced than this. Are already familiar and comfortable with using affiliate links but are not seeing the results you would like I recommend looking into Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Carly Campbell.

Think this sounds like the course for you? Get Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing here.

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