November 2016 Free Printable Editable Cleaning Calendar

November is a good month to clean through your home.

If you’ve been keeping a lax cleaning schedule use now is the time to get out the duster and the Sh-Mop for all that Holiday Traffic.

Ceiling and Base Board dust should be accumulated to nice heights by now so spend some time each day going over them. Ick!

This little rubber tool, originally discovered on Flylady,  is great for getting baseboard dust. It’s listed as a tool for pets but I used it on my baseboards and it works very well there! And you can get your kids to do it for you and they will think it’s fun!

The calendar spends a teeny weenie bit of time sweeping porches and seeing to the out of doors. Every home is different so add or take away at your discretion.

Here’s what I’ve been doing at home….


Now on to your Cleaning Calendar. ~Enjoy!


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