Put Your Homemaking Binder Together – Part 9 – Finalize

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Put-Together-Home-BinderIntroductionI did a version of this series a year ago in tandem with a book review I had done on Renee Metzler’s books Total Home Makeover. You can read the review here.

I’ve since updated the series to be a simple primer on putting together your Homemaking Binder for a new and organized 2014.

I’ve added some of the forms you’ll need to complete the series here in my free downloads section (more coming soon) but if you’re ready to take it a step further and fully outfit your Homemaking Binder you can view my more feminine printables, checklists, forms, and ebooks in our estore.


So to help you regain some semblance of order in your home for 2014…


 So we took a long breather from putting our Homemaking Binders together.

Now it’s time to finish them up.

But first.

Your Homemaking Binder is never finished. It’s a workbook that grows, or shrinks, and evolves and you and your processes do. We’re about finished with putting the nuts and bolts of your binder together but there may be other sections you would like to add or even ones you would like to combine. The only thing is that this must work for you. Adjust it to meet your needs.

So What Else Needs to Go in Our Homemaking Binders?

I like to putting in a Home Files section. Different from cleaning, and chores this section holds things like a…

  • Home Inventory List,
  • Notes from Home Projects
  • Home Floor Plan with square footage
  • Emergency Plan
  • and the like

It’s also a good section to note any decorating updates you’ve made. Paint a room? Keep a note or paint chip of the brand and color of paint you used.

So have you started your Homemaking Binder? This time tested tool for the home can only be a blessing in your busy lifestyle.

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