Learn to Play Guitar with Krisz and Guitar 360 Method {a Homeschool Review}

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Guitar 360 Method Learn to Play Guitar Review
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Before learning guitar skills through Guitar 360 Method  and the  Semester 1 Bundle which includes the Absolute Beginner bonus content I would have said that how you sound depends on the quality of your guitar. And sheer luck!

Learning to play guitar just seemed like the logical next step shortly after wrapping up my piano lessons. I learned to play piano as an adult and was told that playing guitar was easy. You could read the same music and, voila!, you would be a guitarist overnight.

Back then, in the olden days, there were not that many learn to play guitar video programs. Also I was learning to play for a church setting. I wanted something that would teach me how to accompany not rock out.

So I purchased a few products and, yes, learned to play in a few keys. But I sounded awful! At least to my ears. My guitar playing just sounded bad. I kept blaming the guitar. I had purchased an entry level guitar and thought I needed one several hundred dollars more to sound good.

Problem was that I’ve had a few visitors over the years, who have picked up my guitar and sound marvelous! I was obviously missing something.

The creator of the Guitar 360 1st Semester Course Krisz Simonfalvi is already a successful studio teacher. With the Guitar 360 Method he is hoping to bring to online students the same success he is having with his private studio students. The ability to be creative with the guitar and understand how the music is made.

Krisz also had a frustrating beginning when he learned to play the guitar at a young age. When he was a bit older he discovered what he had been missing when went back to the instrument with renewed interest.

I’m already familiar with some of those learn to play guitar struggles. I learned to play guitar with the fast fun chord method Krisz speaks of.  Like he mentions I could read the same music but I couldn’t apply the same musical knowledge to the guitar. I didn’t get very far, play very much, and have been quietly frustrated for years.

About the Learn to Play Guitar 360 Method

I was excited when the Homeschool Review Crew got the chance to review Krisz Simonfalvi’s Guitar 360 Method.

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t hold out much hope I would sound any better. It was firmly fixed in my brain that I needed a new guitar to sound decent.  But from the first lesson I can see what I’ve been missing and now I’m greatly encouraged!

Guitar 360 Method is an online program. We were given access to the Semester 1 Bundle which includes the 13 weeks of Semester 1 and 5 weeks of Absolute Beginner bonus content.

You are able to go at your own pace which is really nice. Since there are three of us catching up to each other before we move on means we’re going at a slower pace than an individual.

The course also includes downloadable PDFs and online quizzes.

Inside the Guitar 360 Method Course

Guitar 360 Method Learn to Play Guitar Review

If you’ve never taken guitar lessons before it’s suggested that you first take the Free bonus courses. Even though I’ve “technically” taken guitar lessons before I wanted to start from scratch basically so that’s where we all started with the bonus courses.

The lessons are served in small bits so that you can digest and work a little bit at a time. Lessons are in the range of 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

In the Bonus lessons you learn the strings right away but instead of jumping into chores you start building your fingers and working on technique first. I really like that! And it made a difference in how I sound right away. I have a lot of work to do but I’m really encouraged.

Once you get to the Semester 1 courses you start learning chords right away. And then strumming methods. Week 1 is pretty packed with chords and strumming. There are 6 videos this week and 3 practice videos. Lessons also include PDFs of the chords being learned. Since you can go at your own pace I imagine it will take me longer than a week per weekly lessons.

In Week 2 you start to learn basic music theory such as about sharps and flats and how to find notes on the guitar.

Week 3 we will begin to learn how to do scales on the guitar. Oh gosh I’m kind of scared LOL!

You probably want to know all about what you will learn so here are the goals of each of the 13 weeks.

  1. Foundations which include chords and strumming.
  2. Music Theory which includes learning how to make the different notes on the guitar.
  3. Understanding Scales
  4. Rhythm Guitar. (Not exactly sure I know what that is.)
  5. Learning Minor, Major, and Pentaonic Scales. Also some techniques.
  6. More chords and intervals. (psst! And a Quiz)
  7. More advanced chords (and another Quiz)
  8. More Rhythm Guitar stuff
  9. Learning to play in any key (woo hoo!)
  10. More advanced scales.
  11. Applying what you’ve learned in any key.
  12. to come
  13. to come

So my little listing of the topics covered in each lesson don’t even do it justice. I’m excited to learn all this and see where it can take me us!

Learning With the Guitar 360 Method

My husband and daughter also expressed interest in taking the Guitar 360 Method with me so we have been learning to play guitar as a family.

Our method is to watch the lessons together. We started off with the Absolute Beginner Bonus Content even though we all are at different levels.

What we do is pass the guitar around to each other while reviewing the skills from each lesson. And then spend time through the week practicing individually as we have time.

All three of us are at different levels but feel greatly encouraged by the content in this online course. Since I’m the more advanced of the group (ahem) I have noticed results more quickly. Immediately my sound improved when Krisz showed us where exactly (very important piece I missed before) to press on the strings to get the best sound.

We’ve been going through our exercises and I’ve even attempted some old songs to see if I sound better yet…yeah we’ll I’ll keep working.

Back in the day (many years ago) I tried many online music lessons, both piano and guitar. The site where I used to list those reviews is long gone but I can tell you a lot of my frustration was with the limited music theory. This course is full of it and for guitar no less! That’s a good thing.

If you’re looking for a good online music program for your homeschool (or just yourself) I think you’ll really enjoy Guitar 360 Method.

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