Simply Music Online Piano Lessons (Homeschool Review)

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Are you still looking for a good online piano program to learn from? There is no end of piano programs to use online. I’ve personally tried my share and just recently I was able to take a look at the Music & Creativity – Foundation Course from Simply Music to check out what it can do for you.

What is Simply Music?

Simply Music is an online piano learning method developed by Music Director Neil Moore of Australia to help you learn to play the piano in a more creative way.

Neil Moore has taught others including piano teachers but it was while teaching a young blind student to play piano using his own personal method that he came up with that he realized he could teach others to play more quickly using this same method that worked for this student. He calls this shapes and patterns.

This shapes and patterns method of Simply Music makes the claim to be a new breakthrough method in a way of learning to play the piano more quickly. It is also said to be able to be used by students of all ages.

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew received access to the ground level Foundations piano course as part of this review. This same course is being offered free as part of the Simply Music 20th Anniversary Celebration.

To use the Simply Music online course we needed to have access to…

  • a keyboard or a piano
  • internet access to access and watch the lessons
  • a printer for the pdf lessons and helps
  • headphones to use with whatever device you are using to access the program

About the Piano Lessons

Simply Music Screen Shot of Neil Moore
Neil Moore teaching a lesson

Neil Moore is passionate about teaching piano. He wants to teach students to make their own music as soon as possible and starts off his lessons with getting comfortable on the keyboard and playing along to a soundtrack.

Inside the Simply Music program there are 19 Lessons, and a Basics lesson and a Quickstart lesson. Each Lesson, once opened, can also contain several videos and PDFs to use along with the videos.

The Quickstart lesson is for those students who want to dive into the program. It bypasses all the Basics lessons and gets you on the piano right away.

The Basics lesson introduces you to Neil Moore, his ideas, what you’ll need in order to use the program and some extra resources and access to a Facebook group.

Neil’s method is one of jumping in with improvising on the piano using patterns and the shapes the keys on the piano. This starts even before the student can read notes on sheet music.

How Did I Like the Simply Music Method

Lessons Screenshot

I’m not new to piano playing and at one time might even have been considered an intermediate player. Actually what I am is a couple of years dusty on the piano (from real every day practicing) so I thought the Simply Music method could get me back on track.

I’ve been known to rush into things so this time I gritted my teeth and bypassed the Quickstart Lesson for the Basics Lessons. But I did end up finding them too basic so I went back to the Quickstart. Although I also found that quite a bit too easy I can see where Neil is going with this.

Also, since I was more advanced (yaaay! I can actually say that) I tried to jump ahead but quickly found out that if you try to jump ahead without completing the previous lesson the program blocks you from doing that. So keep that in note. Yes of course I tried to do this.

So once I got to actually playing in the lessons I was a bit intrigued. Neil provides sound tracks that you play along too. There are several. Some with vocals some without. Some of the songs you will be familiar with such as Ode to Joy, and Amazing Grace (I haven’t made it to these yet). Again it’s quite a bit easy for me on the playing part BUT…

I’ve always wanted to play by ear and hear and see patterns in the music. Could Simply Music help me do that? Maybe.

Who is Simply Music Right for

Simply Music Piano Keyboard

If you want to create your own music on the piano and improvise along with music you are hearing this program may work for your. If you want to Play by Ear the Simply Music Foundations course may also work for you.

This is the first Foundation course so I do not know if reading sheet music comes up in this portion or not. I’m going to assume so because that is part of playing the piano.

At least you can give the Music & Creativity – Foundation Course from Simply Music a try and the only thing it will cost you is time..

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