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One thing homeschoolers can never get enough of is books. We love books and tend to collect quite a few. Recently we got a chance to add to our own homeschool library recently with a series of books including hardbound books like the Genius Scienctist Series from Library and Educational Services LLC.

Library and Educational Services LLC is a wholesale distributing company selling books, DVDs, CD, and Bibles. They have been selling books to churches, schools, libraries, stores, and now homeschoolers for several years.

Members of the Homeschool Review Crew received several products from Library and Educational Services LLC to review.

Library and Educational Services LLC

Pride and Prejudice Audio Drama

Pride and Prejudice Audio Drama

First off we got to choose an audio drama from the Lifehouse Theater CDs series to enjoy. I picked the Pride and Prejudice – Lifehouse Theater CD . The Lifesouse Theatre collection contains several audio dramas from well known classics.

I knew my daughter would enjoy listening to Pride and Prejudice since she reads it every so often and she and her friends had recently watched it (the Colin Firth edition). Those same friends also came over and enjoyed the audio drama as well.

I thought it was nicely done in keeping with the spirit of the Regency Era but simplifying a little bit of the language to be more understandable by those younger. It was delicately done.

What Was Ellis Island

What Was Ellis Island? Book

From the Who Was…? series we chose the book What Was Ellis Island? My daughter was able to visit this incredible island of history just this summer so having a little book that talked about Ellis Island is really nice.

The Who Was…? collection features people in our history but there are also Who is…? and What is…? books for important people still with us and places.

What Was Ellis Island? talks about why Ellis Island was created, where the people there came from, what happened to the people once they were on Ellis Island., some interesting facts about the island, and

The books from this series are smallish and average 100 pages in length. The writing is for early Late Elementary or Early Middle School depending upon the reader.

What Was Ellis Island contains black and white drawings and also 16 pages of black and white photographs from the time period. There is also a Timeline and Bibliography in the back of the book.

There are several more titles in the What Was…or Who Was Series such as

Incredible Explorers

Incredible Explorers Book Series

One of the hardbound book bundles we received was the Incredible Explorers. Six hardbound books, each featuring a different explorer and the region they explored. The books are relatively short, About 60 pages. They include a general overview of the explorers life and adventures. And then includes a Timeline and a Glossary in the back.

The six books in the collection are..

  • Henry Hudson: Exploring the Northwest Passage
  • Ferdinand Magellan: Circumnavigating the Globe
  • Christopher Columbus: Discovering the Americas
  • John Cabot: Searching for a Westward Passage to Asia
  • Hernan Cortez: Conquering the Aztec Empire

This was one of the series that my daughter chose and so I left her to read through them. Although I did pick up Christopher Columbus: Discovering the Americas to see how he was represented. Although the book did not delve too deep on the issues it did address some of the controversies surrounding Christopher Columbus and what we generally have head regarding his history.

Genius Scientists and their Genius IDeas

Genius Scientists and their Genius Ideas book series

Next we picked up the Science Bundle Genius Scientist and their Genius Ideas. This bundle contains five hard bound books each featuring a scientist in history. I was pleasantly surprised my daughter wanted this particular bundle. The titles include…

  • Carl Linnaeus: Genius of Classification
  • Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek: Genius Discovered of Microscopic Life
  • Aristotle: Genius Philosopher and Scientist
  • Isaac Newton: Greatest Genius of Science
  • Copernicus: Genius of Modern Astonomy

Genius Scientist and their Genius Ideas are smaller sized hard back books. The reading is Middle School but the books are listed in the 9th to 12th Grade section. They contain a few black and white images and photographs. The great thing is that in the back of the books there is an Activities section where your student can apply some of the Scientific experiments the Genius was known for. Books also contain a Glossary, Timeline, and Chapter Notes.

I also picked up some pocketbook annual planners to give away as gifts, and a couple of hardbound books for my daughter on skin care and exercise.

I also picked up an interesting title called Amazing Tips to Make You Smarter. This little softbound book has 216 pages full of tips in ares such as Life, Food, Sleeping, School, Travel, Work and Relationships. This is a really cool book. I haven’t put anything to practice yet. Some of these tips I may already do but there are so many and each one is only a few sentences. Thing such as tips for wearing a backpack!

Library and Educational Services LLC carries many books that fit almost every category for the Christian Homeschool Library. Their Christian Fiction section carries titles I’ve never heard of before!

If you have a voracious reader in your family, or need to build a good library for your church or homeschool check out Library and Educational Services LLC.

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