Wooden Building Blocks for Kids and Adults {Homeschool Review}

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These building blocks make a great gift and learning tool.

We’ve been working on our brains lately by learning a new language and playing games that cause us to be more creative. And Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox has been super fun in that regard and works for most every age.

About Brain Blox

We and other members of the Homeschool Review Crew were sent the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks from the Brain Blox company to test drive and give our feedback on.

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Brain Blox are simple stacking wooden building blocks that inspire you (and your children) to be creative and use your imagination to build all kinds of things.

The benefits of working with wooden building blocks is that they can help your children to gain confidence, develop reasoning and problem solving skills, increase dexterity with their fingers, and even work on math and engineering concepts!

So how are Brain Blox different than all the other wooden building blocks out there?

Brain Blox are also made from 100% ALL-NATURAL, precision-cut, chemical-free, New Zealand Pine Wood. And are non-toxic.

Our package included….

  • 200 New Zealand Pine Building Planks
  • a color brochure building ideas booklet
  • a Red Canvas Drawstring Backpack to keep the blocks in and make them easier to transport.
  • And a Brain Blox World eBook along with access to our Build Idea videos!

Why Use Building Blocks

Building blocks are used extensively in early learning play. When kids are at their prime for developing certain skills simple play with building blocks can help that development. Hand and eye coordination. Fine motor skills as they work to balance those blocks. Early geometry as they figure out what goes where.

All this growth and development only increases with the play of building blocks. And just imagine what they can do for your older brain!

Playing with the Brain Blox

Here is a Brain Blox bridge our daughter and her friends started making.
Here is a Brain Blox bridge our daughter and her friends started making.

When we received these blocks I wasn’t sure what to expect. The box says for ages 4 to 104. I left the box in our living room to see who would go for it first.

I will say that these blocks came just in time. We happened to have had some friends visiting with us with two young boys (also homeschoolers). I thought these would be nice for them and hoped they would go for them.

This is an interesting and complex tower in process here.
This is an interesting and complex tower in process here.

Boy did they! LOL! All the including our daughter would spend hours (I think it was hours. Definitely a long time) being creative and inventive with these blocks. They made some great stuff and had a great time. I thought, for older kids, they wouldn’t like these but I was wrong and I’m glad I was.

My daughter and her friends making a boat with a bridge to go with it.
My daughter and her friends making a boat with a bridge to go with it.

I didn’t even have to ask them to open the box and be creative. We left the blocks on the table so the kids could be creative whenever the mood struck them.

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