Homeschool Curriculum – a Review

As a reviewer for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine one of my perks was a membership to the Online Homeschool Curriculum Hub

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While I did test out a course or two at the beginning I was a reviewer for several years before diving in and actually giving this self-paced curriculum a try.

We’ve been using Schoolhouseteachers for my daughter’s Junior and Senior High School years with great success.

What is

Schoolhouseteachers is a online Christian Homeschooling Curriculum option. It is a division of the popular Homeschooling Magazine the Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

In SchoolhouseTeachers members have access to over 400 online, self-paced homeschool courses from preschool to high school.

In addition to the courses members also recieve freebies and benefits such as…

  • Quarterly subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
  • Applecore Homeschool Records Silver Plan
  • World Book E Book Library Access
  • A just-for-parents section with menu plans, Parent ebook library, and even courses to help you with homeschooling

One subscription serves the entire family.

I thought you might like to know how we are using for our later high school years.

My daughter has used (and been very happy with) BJU Press Homeschool for most of her homeschooling years. During these last two years in high school we decided to change things up a bit just and have her be a little more in charge of managing her school journey.

We felt that BJU Press Homeschooling had laid a great foundation for a Biblical Education with rigorous study and test taking. Depending on your own student’s future path these are things to keep in mind.

How to Use Curriculum

I think one of the main things to be aware of when using SchoolhouseTeachers is that this is self paced curriculum. There may be a little more parental involvement than other video based online curriculums that you are used to but then again this is NOT video based education.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some videos such as Drive Through History by Dave Stotts. And your membership gives you access to several streaming services such as…

  • Drive Thru History
  • Vision Video
  • Discovery House
  • Boat Angel
  • City on a Hill Productions
  • RightNow Media

But Parents, if this is a curriculum you want to look into, get ready to print some things, to organize binders, and grade some papers. Be ready to read along with your children and help them work on critical thinking skills. Get ready to be more involved in the education of your child than you may have been with other curriculums.

I myself was used to BJU Press (which I still also highly reccomend) where my daughter could take an online test and it would automatically be graded and added to her class grade. We were used to the site openining on the next day’s work with all the papers to be ready linked and ready instead of having to hunt for it. We were spoiled. Good times.

In Schoolhouseteachers each class is created and managed by a seperate teacher so there are many teaching styles available.

For my daughter I started prepping for her schoolyear by giving her a guildeline of what classes she needed for the coming school year. Keep in mind she is a high school senior. For younger grades I would choose for the student.

For example….

  • Math 11th Grade
  • English Course
  • History Course

Then she logs into Schoolhouseteachers to find out what her options are. We look over her choices together. And once we are done we can bookmark them so when she logs in she can head straight to the member dashbaord, find her bookmarks and begin her courses.

Each course has a lesson plan that you can print to keep on task.

And a certificate to print out when your student is done.

Along with many benefits Schoolhouseteachers membership also includes a Facebook group where you can get quick help for issues that may arise or tips and help along your homeschooling journey.

Would you like to try SchoolhouseTeachers Christian Self-Paced Homeschooling Option with your family? You can register for your own membership at Schoolhouseteachers

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