Menu Ideas When You’re Moving and Easy Homemade Has a New Update

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I’ve got some great news for you about Easy Homemade, the great ebook that shows you how to make delicious condiments and more from your pantry.

But first!

Moving into a new home is exhausting, exciting and a bit worriesome. There is so much going on no matter if you rent OR buy. And one of those worriesome things is WHAT DO I COOK!

There are several things that can limit how fast I can put dinner on the table…

  • Food Allergies
  • Eating Healthier
  • Finances

What kinds of meals make the best sense during this busy time?

Oh wait! The fridge hasn’t arrived yet!

It’s also 100 degrees this week!

We bought a home on a hill! Beautiful!
So with all that going on  I freely admit to not having a menu plan this week. My meal plans have been pretty as of late anyway. And now it’s all about survival this week. But what I do have are leftovers, several pre-made dishes, and some good proteins in my freezer.

So tentatively our menu for the week looks like this…

M – Leftovers from Sunday (corned beef)

T – Chicken parmesian (freezer)

W – Lentil Soup (this may change because it’s a VERY busy day)

Th – More chicken (freezer)

F – Chicken Quesadillas (chicken in the freezer)

Wish I was more inventive but THIS is definitely not the time to do more.

Now about Easy Homemade

This great ebook is perfect for the DIY home check. Easy to make from scratch recipes from yummy breakfast drinks to making your own jello and marshmallows and a ton of stuff inbetween (like crackers, homemade yogurt, soup mixes, ice cream sauces and a whole lot more).

If you have happened to purchase Easy Homemade in any of the ebook bundles in the past you’re in for a treat.

The Easy Homemade new ebook version includes even more easy, homemade pantry staples for families who want to cook from scratch, save money or just have the knowledge to make substitutes when they’re out of an important ingredient. Super genius!

Here’s a yummy recipe to try this summer…

chocolate magic shell
time needed: 5 minutes
4 ounces dark chocolate
2 teaspoons coconut oil
directions: In a small saucepan combine chocolate and coconut oil. Heat on low, stirring constantly until the mixture is smooth. Serve immediately over ice cream. 
yield: 1/2 cup shelf life: use immediately

The new edition will go live today Monday, August 11th, and will be only $3.99 during this week.

BUT everyone who has purchased a copy of the ebook in the past will receive a free updated version automatically on Monday!

Isn’t that great? That’s always a nice bonus!

So hopefully next week I’ll have a better handle on meals in the new and even pics! Woo hoo!

Til then. Have a lovely Monday!


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