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(this is a guest post from Kristy at JensenFamilyCircus )

I decided to become a stay at home mom after I got pregnant with my first born son.

Back in 2008, I for pregnant. I was a full time employee at the time as well as my husband. We lived in NC (away from all family). We had a great church and great friends. After praying for many months and weighing the pros and cons of staying at home, we decided that me staying home with the baby would be ideal. It not only would help the baby. But, if I did work, I would only be working to pay a daycare to watch my baby. That just didn’t sit well with me. After seeking counsel from some great friends and family, staying at home just felt right. We felt at peace with our decision.

God put it on our hearts after a lot of prayer for me to stay home. It was also a financial decision as I would only be working to pay someone else to care for my baby. It didn’t make sense for me to work outside of the home.

On Finances

First of all, we still struggle in this area. We now have three children 6 and under. It is very hard to survive on one income in this two income culture. We don’t do a lot of things that other families do. Our vacations are “staycations”. We do things locally instead of spending thousands to go someplace else. We do things as a family for free. For instance, go to the local park, walk around our historical district, visit friends and family. We also decided to only use the money we are given by God. We used to use our credit cards for purchases but after much prayer and consideration, we but them all up and have been paying them down for a few years now.

Looking Back

I would definitely change my attitude about staying at home. At first, I was not so sure about it. I mean, I felt peace. But, I was very concerned about money. God has taken care of us far and above anything I could have ever dreamed. I would also have saved money before we had children. I mean, what did we do with our money before kids?? I am very content with my situation and circumstances now. I LOVE staying at home. I wouldn’t trade places with any working mom for anything. They have it way worse than I ever do, even on my worst day.


It is a huge decision to make. My advice would be to seek God completely in this area of life. He knows what is best. If need be, seek also the counsel of a trusted Godly pastor or friend. I truly believe it is a leap of faith to go from two incomes to one income. It is a trust issue with God. Trust Him to take care of your family. After all, He takes care of the birds of the sky and the flowers in the field. He loves us so much more. He will take care of us.

Kristy has been married for over 10 years and mommy to three little boys. She loves reading writing, sewing, and cooking. But most of all she loves Jesus. You can find Kristy at JensenFamilyCircus

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  1. I love it! I especially love your opinion about using credit. We’ve struggled in that area and are now- after 20 years of marriage- finally learning to do it right. But I wish we had started early on like you all. 🙂 That’s great advice for other young stay at home moms. 🙂

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