Weeks End Homemaking Journal September 13, 2014

weeks-end-journal-913(I've always wanted to write this series.)

There's a small change in the air. Fall is on the way. Is that what is really happening or do we just tend to turn out thoughts to Autumn happenings once school begins?

We we're blessed to have Daddy home with us this week. That's what we call him around the estate (I don't have an estate but at times I like to imagine I do. I've named our home Ravinhill so keep that in mind.) Thinking months in advance Daddy set aside this week to spend some yummy days at home. He works hard for our needs and we don't thank him nearly enough.

Moving tends to take it's toll on the body but it's always nice to start somewhere fresh and new.  I feel it's time to start adding a cleaning routine to my schedule in this new home.

Ravinhill was lovely and new when we moved in, and truthfully it still is, but it will quickly look ill kept if I don't commence with a cleaning plan and soon. Just last evening I was sorely tempted to go to bed without putting things to rights. It had been a long day and I still had some web work to do. There were empty boxes in the hall. The table had leftover cups on it. I had a spot of tracked in dirt to sweep up and I was tempted to leave it all. But I took a deep breath and went to work. It was only a matter of minutes and how well everything looked! How little effort it takes to keep a home looking well. An extra effort to put things away.

Don't put it down. Put it away.

Homeschool is going well. We have 7! Count them 7 subjects! And will be adding some extra curricular in the next few days. Sweet Peanut is a trooper and it helps to have sweet friends to play with when the busy school day is done. We did have to reschedule a play date this week and that put her in a blue funk. God sent her a big frog to make her day (ick!).

I've been feeling great and healthy for the last several months. I think the extra energy expelled in moving has helped to kick my body into some kind of gear. I also have not been sitting around eating as much junk.  Still I fear what will happen if I get lazy and start eating too much of the wrong thing.

We put up one blind and one curtain rod this week. We are so slow at this. After renting for years it's kind of overwhelming to put holes in your new home. We are such novices at this. So afraid of getting it wrong. Well pictures to come in time.

Did you see my review of Under Drake's Flag? My mother has asked me every day if I'm done with the CDs so off they go to her home today. It's an exciting radio drama. I love these because you create the scenes with your imagination. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed them and is a little sad to see them on loan even if they are to her favorite grandma.

Well I hope you have a lovely weekend. And I'll see you Monday.


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