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Under Drake's Flag Audio Drama
My daughter loves audio dramas so when the chance came to review Under Drake’s Flag by Heirloom Audio Productions  I knew she would love it!

And I was right!


Under Drake’s Flag is a 2 hour series of audio adventures adapted from the book of the same name by G.A. Henty.

To give you some background on the story being retold in the audios, G.A. Henty was an author who lived during the 19th century and wrote adventure stories featuring bravery, and moral character.

The historical figure at the heart of Under Drake’s Flag is Sir Francis Drake. At the time he was just known as Francis Drake and was a sea captain, slave owner, and explorer who lived during the 16th Century during the Elizabethan era. He is well known for helping the English beat the Spanish and more specifically helping Tudor England to defeat the Spanish Armada.

But the main character at the heart of  Under Drake’s Flag is Ned and his sidekick friend Gerald.

Under Drake’s Flag radio shows starts off when a different Ned of modern day and his friend Gerald meet a man named Mr. George who begins to tell them the tales of Sir Francis Drake and interestingly enough another boy named Ned and his friend Gerald. Ned (of the stories) meets Sir Francis Drake when he rescues him from the swirling depths of the swarming seas and invites him to join his crew at sea. And so begins all sorts of adventures and trials and through them Ned learns about what it means to be a man of strength and character.

Under Drake's Flag package
Under Drake’s Flag package

How We Used it and My Thoughts

Okay to be honest I did not think this audio series would interest me that much and at first I handed it off to my daughter to listen too whilst I attended to more important things such as moving.

I should have wondered why she was up so late at night bleary eyed and completely happy listening to her new radio drama.

So when she was finally done and we had basically moved in I figured I’d better check it out too so I could know what was going on (yes I should have previewed it before giving it to her).

I chose to put Under Drake’s Flag on while I was putting together our new homeschool room and in the beginning I planned to listen to one episode a day.

Would you like to know that I finished the 2 hour show in one day?

How about the fact that my mother who came over to spend the day, spotted the Under Drake’s Flag discs and started writing down notes of where she could get a copy. I told her I would lend her ours once the review was over. She’s been asking me every day!

More about Under Drake’s Flag

Under Drake’s Flag is a Christian production and the purchase also includes a mini booklet containing a Bible Study for each episode.

Disturb us, Lord, when We are

too please with ourselves,

When our dreams have come true,

When we arrived safely

Because we sailed too closely to the shore

~excerpt from The Prayer of Sir Francis Drake


Each story in Under Drake’s Flag is entertaining and done very well with  It is dramatic and draws you right in from the beginning.

This recording is done with accomplished actors, and beautifully done music score. If you’ve never listened to an audio drama because you thought they might be boring they’re not. Your imagination takes you there and you can give your eyes a rest!

Under Drake’s Flag is geared towards ages 6 through to adult. Some of the scenes are a little intense and I worried about my child’s delicate nature but, um, she didn’t seem bothered (shark stabbing scene).

When you purchase Under Drake’s Flag you get 2 physical CDs in a full color cardboard sleeve with an abbreviated study guide. The CD’s hold 2 hours of audio adventures.

These CDs are priced at $29.95 or you can get instant access with the MP3 download for $20.

Each episode is about 8 minutes. Occasionally there is narration but mostly it is the dialogue between characters.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Voyage Begins
  3. Adrift!
  4. First Encounter with the Enemy
  5. Shark Attack
  6. Shipwrecked
  7. Fighting for Survival


  1. A Reluctant Trust
  2. Our Time Here is Over
  3. Becoming Men
  4. The Grand Inquisitor
  5. A Special Kind of Inquisition
  6. Family Waters
  7. Disturb Us, Lord

Some of the topics in Under Drake’s Flag we haven’t gone over yet in school so you may need to do a quick history lesson for your child before listening. We had just gone over slavery at the end of last school year so that was a topic very fresh in my daughter’s mind. The Spanish Inquisition though was something brand new and while not many details are shared in Under Drake’s Flag it is mention many times as this show takes place during that time. Or the difference between Catholic and Protestant.

When one should be sleeping…

In CD package there is also an included abbreviated study guide with three points to cover for each episode.

Listening: A series of questions to ask about the episode. Shows that your child is following a long.

Thinking: Since these episodes are designed to help build Godly character it’s important that your child is thinking about the lessons that can be learned from each episode.

Defining Words: vocabulary words

There is also a PDF download study guide which is a little more involved with more questions and discussion starters.

On the very back of the study guide there is a brief biography of G.A. Henty and Sir Francis Drake.

I have to say I was not expecting this to be as entertaining as it was. And IT IS a good discussion starter between me and the Sweet Peanut. We’ll be doing something around the house and have it and I can ask her questions about Ned’s response to a situation or how might she have acted.  I’m please to have this in our audio collection.


Coming soon… In Freedom’s Cause, the story behind the life and legacy of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Also on Facebook



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