5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials: Must Have Schedule!

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This week the The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew is doing a round up of what they feel is absolutely essential in their homeschools. Homeschool Essentials. Things we can’t do without. What makes the classroom sing and what brings order to our busy homeschool lives.

The Schedule

Number 1 for our simple Homeschool here at Peanut Home Academy is a schedule. This has always been the case for me no matter what I do and it has spilled into our homeschool.

My husband would probably prefer to go on the fly but I need a roadmap telling me what to do each day, week, semester and school year.

It’s one of the things I love about our homeschool boxed curriculum.

Each school year I get a few big boxes housing all of our homeschool DVDs, student texts, teacher texts (now on CD), tests, and a nicely organized schedule of 180 days of lessons complete with what is being taught, what worksheets and extras I need and how long the video will take. Also tips on field trips or extra activities or experiments.

I’m spoiled! I admit it!

The day’s are ordered out for me with all the pertinent details. For seven subjects, Bible Truths, English, Handwriting, Math, Reading, Science (1 semester, next semester is Heritage Studies), and Spelling.

Now here’s the beauty of it. I use the schedule as a guide and then we shift it around to find the perfect fit for our homes.

We split our homeschool day into 2 halves preferring to do the heavy hitters (English and Math) along with a light subject (Handwriting) before lunch and then Science, Reading and Spelling afterwards. Science is the funnest class and Reading the most interesting.

The schedule is nice because sometimes on his week days off dad wants to take on the homeschool roles and he can easily pick up where we leave off with the schedule.

I’ve always been a schedule girl and appreciate this little detail our curriculum provider sends along for us. It’s a very valuable thing in our homeschool.

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials


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