Organizing the Kitchen Cupboards and Drawers {34 Weeks of Clean}

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If you’re taking part in the 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge you know that this past week has been all about kitchen cupboards and drawers.

This week at 34 Weeks of Clean we’ve purging and organizing our kitchen cupboards and drawers.

Not to brag but since we basically just moved the stuff in my drawers and cupboards is already pretty together…except for this side pantry/linen closet thing in my kitchen.

note:(Our home has no linen closet….aaarrrgggh)

Now in the home having tidy kitchen drawers and cupboards is essential to being able to work quickly and efficiently in that space.

How many times have you gone to grab a storage container out of the cupboard only to have everything topple out on top of you? I’ve had it happen so I’m sure you have too.

Just because we clean and organize our cupboards today doesn’t mean they won’t need a touch up tomorrow or the next week or the next month. It’s something that needs revisiting every few months or so.

But for now let’s rejoice and be happy in the clean that is today!

I’ve posted some pictures of my unremarkable kitchen drawers and cupboards below. I didn’t touch the lineny thing and probably should have. I REALLY REALLY want pull out drawers for that. Build or buy is the question there.

So would you like some ideas for great looking low cost dividers for your kitchen drawers? Check out the following links.

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  1. Great reminder that we need to revisit all areas so they do not get away from us month to month! I like Suanna’s idea! And basket-weaving, hmmm, that may something to consider! 😉 Thank you for your awesome substitution chart and for linking up!

  2. I like how clean and spacious your drawers look. A thought about your pull out shelves would be to get a basket that fits the shelf pretty well and place your linens/ items in the basket. Then you could pull it out to get what you need and slide it back into the cabinet.

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