Oven Temps Conversion Chart

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This week’s printable is an Oven Temperature Conversion Chart. This is for Farenheit and Celscius and also Vintage Temperatures.

If you’ve ever read a vintage cookbook you know they often talk about baking something in a “Quick Oven” or “Slow Oven”. What is that???!!!!

Well hopefully this little chart will help you figure that out if you have a recipe you want to try from long ago or from far away 🙂


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  1. LOL I’ve often given recipes to others and said to put it in a “slow oven” but it’s never occurred to me that I should say what temperature I mean. One of the few things I’ve learned about cooking from my Grandma, I guess. I don’t remember her talking about a Quick Oven though. Handy chart – thanks!

    1. You’re welcome Kym 🙂 I have tons of recipes that say “Slow Oven” or “Quick Oven’. The chart is something I’ve been meaning to make for myself so I thought, “Why not share!”

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