Company’s Coming. Straighten up and Feed the Masses

Does the idea of having a house full of guests make you nervous? Me too! I’m right there with you! Not only letting people into your home but also serving them food from your kitchen can bring the strongest woman to her knees.

My mother loves to tell stories about hosting multitudes of people in her tiny apartment when she and my father were first married. They used the ironing board as a side board and served apple pie. And you know what? People loved it and came back time and time again. In his 70’s my father still loves to host gatherings and dinners in his home. He doesn’t have as much energy but he has more than some people half his age.

Well relax. Unless you truly live in a cesspool you are probably noticing many more things wrong with your surroundings than your guests would ever pick up on. Ease up a bit on yourself and use these tips to be ever guest ready.

Housekeeping Tips for Hosting Guest

Most people think that their guests want to see a spotless white room with no sign of life for miles. The opposite is true. Your guests will be more comfortable, yes if your home is clean, but also if it looks as if you live there. A few children’s toys, a tossed blanket or sweater, an open book. Signs of life please.

Do you have children?  Their toys don’t have to be out of site. Of course a pile of leggos in the middle of a hall can be a health hazard but piled instead on top of a table where your kids are building something great this show signs of intelligent life. Don’t hide the presence of children.

Worried about scents? You know what an offensive odor is so get rid of those and air your home often so mold and mildew don’t take over but don’t feel like you have to have eau de’ flowers wafting through your spaces at all times. Fresh air is the best scent and an open window is the quickest, cheapest way to clear the air.

If you do want to light something to banish odors quickly try an effusion lamp . Around since the 1800’s these glass lamps can push desired scents through your home while also ridding it of odors (I just finished lighting mine).

Or better yet run your essential oils diffuser.

For more help pick up my 20 Minutes to a Clean Home printable.

Feeding Your Guests

What about eats? Water is what most drop by guests will want but if you worried about having more keep certain staples on hand for last minute guests. Tea bags, bottled juice, and ice. Next time you bake cookies freeze some of the dough (freezable such as chocolate chip, molasses, or sugar cookies of course) in logs so you can slice and bake them at a moments notice.

Five freezer friendly appetizers and desserts perfect for preparing ahead for holiday events, celebrations and gatherings of friends and family

Never fear to have people over. Be honest about what truly is messy, tidy up a few things add a few quick touches and voila! You’re ready for company.

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