We’re Homeschoolers. Those are Experiments. – Day 2 in the Kitchen


That’s how I can explain away those mystery meat foil packages in the refrigerator and the stacks of tupperware with miscellaneous goo in them.

Today Sarah Mae has us in the refrigerator and the microwave. If you’re following along with her newly updated 31 Days to Clean then hopefully you’ve already done the daily stuff such as laundry and cleaning up the dishes. That’s helping to get back into our routines by now.

My poor fridge.

I guess I can say it’s not the fridge but it’s me. Our last refrigerator, I complained, was too small and that was why I would often lose leftovers in it. We found many an experiment growing away in our refrigerator.

So we bought a new fridge that my father insisted was too big.

Well 5 months later and I’m still losing leftovers again.

I’m really trying to be organized about how I keep the fridge but really it just gets the best of me.

This was a good call today. We had actually eaten up some of our leftovers on Monday and Tuesday so there weren’t that many….so I thought.

I think I removed about 6 containers. So sorry I didn’t get a picture of the heap next to the sink.

I also got SEVERELY sidetracked and made pancake mix, muffin mix, muffins, and an apple pie.

Like I said SEVERELY sidetracked.

I did manage to get fridge done though…

ta da!


I hope you can see all my little writing.

What went on here.

Well, like I said I removed SEVERAL containers of old food I did not even remember putting in there. And then there were some foil wrapped thingys that got the boot too.

I’m not totally to blame here. My husband loves leftovers so after dinner, no matter how small, he will dump it all in a container or in foil fully intending to heat it up the next day. But sometimes he forgets too and hence we have experiments.

I did not take you deep into the workings of what I found. I wanted to spare you so just use your imagination. After removing the offending items I tidied things up a bit. I cleaned/wiped the fridge not to long ago (yeah right!) so I left that off for another time.

We also don’t use our microwave so until I start seeing the spiders in it (that happened in our last home) I just let it be.

1.) So on the top left is my new breakfast shelf. I have the mixes I made when I was supposed to be cleaning and some oatmeal up there. I had to put the bin that will hold the muffins below that as it was too tall to go up top.

2.) I put all the condiments not on the door on the top right shelf.

3.) The middle shelf is other stuff with no name. Yogurt some leftover spaghetti sauce (I know, I know. But that’s the one leftover that always gets used).

4. The bottom two shelves are for leftovers. There is a container of shredded cheddar cheese there but that’s getting moved to that nifty pantry shelf below.

5.) The veggie, fruit and pantry bins did not need any going over. I love having the veggie and fruit bins up high. I can see them very easily and everything gets eaten up before going bad.

So how did you do on Day 2? And let’s go see how Sarah Mae did….


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