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our-homeschool-methodWhen I First Started Homeschooling I had never heard of  The Charlotte Mason Method,

or the Literature Rich Method, The Montessori Method, Lapbooking, or even The Unschooling Method.

These were all Greek names to me and all I knew was that I saw my extended family homeschool successfully and I knew God was leading us on the same path.

I didn’t have the foggiest idea that it might help to know my daughter’s learning style or even to create a lesson plan.

Even in my fumblings God has blessed us to have a good run so far in our homeschool days.

I started off our little curriculum with Little Hands to Heaven preschool curriculum (which I have lovingly held on to). Since I have one at home it was easy and lovely to use this curriculum. It was a gentle way to introduce my inquisitive daughter to the letters, numbers, and colors.

We would sit at a little table set I had acquired from Ikea for $25 and color, draw, write and sing. We love to sing and even now break into song for some our best loved learning songs. You know there is a Richard Scarry Learning songs video.

Had I known there were methods back then I might have looked for a Sing Songy Homeschool method. That would serve us well {laughter here}.

We used Little Hands to Heaven this for one season before moving on to Bob Jones.

I didn’t know then what I know now, that my daughter is a visual learner but I did pick up on the fact that she really responded to the sample DVD they sent us and was already following the instructions her soon to be favorite teachers gave.

We’re 5 years into Bob Jones now and we still turn to it for the bulk of our homeschooling but now as a Schoolhouse Review Crew member we get to test out different styles and methods to mix up our days.

She’s still a visual learner but reading now regularly figures into her days and Science is a favorite subject.

So what new additions will we take on this coming school year?

Well from our reviews so far these items have actually stayed with us through the summer and will figure into our Fall homeschooling season.

  • Veritas Press The Sweet Peanut has loved this online history program so much she’s been doing it for fun this summer.
  • Homeschool Piano I’ve been taking my lessons but it’s time for dear daughter to start back up with hers.
  • Flourish for keeping my act together


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  1. I have a daughter who is a VERY visual learner, too, and it took me years to figure that out. We’ve really struggled with math and grammar because of it, but we’re finally on track, at least with math, thanks to VideoText. I am hopeful that with Winston Grammar, and Fix-It Grammar, we will get that under control too. My other daughter seems to be able to come along with whatever I choose, which is wonderful. My son is too little to worry about grammar yet. 🙂

    1. Beth I’ll have to look up Winston Grammar and Fix-It. I’ve never heard of them. Sometimes my daughter will tell me she needs to see something before she can ‘get’. Thanks for stopping by. Off to check out your neck of the woods.

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