Encouraging You on Your Homeschool Journey

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Just like the one day when you will ask yourself when does the home management come in one day you will feel Homeschool burnout on your homeschool journey.

When you take on the responsibility of educating your child, homeschool burnout is one of the more common issues that will crop up.

There are lots of reasons that could lead up to this burnout: illness, new baby, more responsibility, change in routine, move etc.

Your symptoms can vary from lack of patience to threatening to put your children in or back in public school. Well okay I guess that is lack of patience.

But a burnout does not need to be such a bad thing. What it can be is a wake-up call that it’s time to make some changes. Whether in the schedule or in the curriculum. Take some action to get things back on track.

Lower your expectations. Don’t be a perfectionist. There are good days and bad. It will happen. Expect it and get through it.  Next, when something does not seem to work, look for alternative methods. Being flexible on this education path is a key. If tension starts mounting, take a break. It’s okay. You’re not running a race. And When necessary,
change the style of teaching. For instance, small children love to
take on their spellings when they quiz an adult. Use math games to learn concepts. Visit a museum for a history lesson (and a chance to get out and about).

Avoid overkill. Don’t pack too many activities for the sake of socializing your child. A worn out mom means a grouchy kid and that means no happiness. Get support from your spouse or a neighbor or a support group. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Homeschooling is a family affair means ‘happy schooling’ – don’t forget that.



5 Days of Homeschool 101

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