Planning the 2016-17 Homeschool Year

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As we get ready to start our 7th (with Kindergarten) year homeschooling I’m pretty lax about planning my days. But mostly because if it ain’t broke I don’t feel like fixin’ it.

I use a boxed curriculum program that comes with a nicely printed lesson plan.

That lesson plan is just a suggestion of how things should go in our homeschool world but it’s up to me to make that lesson plan work for our schedule.

Last year I blogged about how I planned our homeschool day. I’m still planning on using the same method this year with no changes. It really works for us and kept us moving right along to the end.

We always start off with good intentions to start school at about 9 am. That’s still the goal this year.

Then there’s our year. Since we school four days a week we have to be pretty diligent about getting courses done. I like to finish our workbooks each year so this plan keeps me organized…Planning Your Homeschool Year : Back to Homeschool Blog Hop

Most of my planning for our homeschool comes in the terms of how we structure our day but since we only have a 4 day school week I also need to pay attention to how we plan our homeschool year.

Much like anything your homeschool plan will look much different than mine. Even if  you use the same curriculum and homeschool an only child. Work schedules, extracurricular activites, and family lifestyle all have a say in how your days work out.

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