5 Tips to Help You Save Money Online + Printable Checklist

There’s no doubt we spend a lot of money during the holidays.  Did you know that a quarter of all personal spending in the United States is done during the holiday season?  For some people this can put them into debt for the New Year. And that’s never a good thing.

But, here are some ways to not only save and cut back on your holiday spending but also to earn some extra funds which can be cashed in for gifts.

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Here are five ways to save on Holiday Spending

  1. One of the very first thing to do when it comes to saving money is to make a list. Don’t go shopping blind. It’s kind of the like grocery shopping without a list. You’ll be blinded by all the deals and just buy buy buy. You want to go at it with purpose.
  2. Next you want to use an online service. I’m lazy and use Rakuten. It has a ton of stores and makes sure I don’t miss a coupon code for savings on my cart. Also the cashback adds up if you’re currently doing a lot of shopping. I use the browser add on and it alerts me to coupons and cashback when I shop on line through it. Planning a vacation? You might get a nice chunk of change for cash back.
  3. You can find some great deals scrolling through social media. There are a few groups online that specialize in finding deals in certain stores. I find it very helpful when I’m looking for something particular. Do some research and find the best deal saver group for you.
  4. Check a deals site regularly during the holiday season for big savings. MySavings is one I go use regularly when looking for deals.
  5. Use a cashback credit card like the Discover card. As you shop you will earn cash back that you can spend like regular cash or even apply to your credit card payments.

Be smart and savvy when shopping online. Don’t jump on every good deal. Especially if you’re not in need. If it something you’ve been planning to buy shop around. Check reviews and be sure and sign up for newsletters of the company you’re looking to purchase through. It’s the best place to find out coming deals and savings.

Looking for your Online Shopping Printable? Click here to get it. Print it off and use it to track your online shopping.

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Looking for your Online Shopping Printable? Click below get it. Print it off and use it to track your online shopping.

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