AGent+ Hard Surface and Multi Surface Cleaner for Your Home {Product Review}

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AGent+ Sustainable Nesting Kit SUpplies

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I love having a clean home. That doesn’t mean my home is always spotless but when it is I’m in my happy place.

I learned how to clean a small home while I was in college. I am forever grateful for that summer job that had me deep cleaning apartments each week day. That experience served me well.

As life gets busier I don’t have as much time to devote to cleaning that I used to so I need my products to work harder.

Having a pet in the house means I need to clean even more (I love you Sherbert).

AGent+ Hard Surface Cleaner mixed and ready to go.
AGent+ Hard Surface Cleaner mixed and ready to go.

Less Toxic Cleaning Products

For years I go back and forth between using more Eco Friendly Green Cleaning products and those products we all find in the stores we regularly shop at.

Much of my desire to change has come from having a child. Since she was a preemie I was cautioned to be careful with my daughter’s breathing and immunity. While she never developed asthma she did start to have severe sneezing during the spring that could develop into a bad cough if it went on too long.

I tend to think many things are connected so when it came to what to use in the home I got rid of all my fragrance oils, candles, and plug ins. I started using essential oils for air freshening and was blessed with an air purifier not too long ago.

Back to cleaning products. So when it came to cleaning products I have tried many through the years trying to find the combination of a good clean but also gentle on the sinuses.

As my daughter has grown and now cleans her own bathroom regularly it’s been important for me to find good products for each surface that doesn’t make her sneeze, cough, or give her breathing problems.

So I was eager to try the new to me AGent+ which states it not only cleans but protects.

AGent+ Cleaner and Protectants

AGent+ has been around for over 10 years and was created by a couple in Wisconsin looking for new cleaning products.

After discovering that most green cleaning products were not much better than their chemical ridden counterparts, AGent+ came up with a formula was environmentally safe while still being effective.

AGent+ contains Copper, which is antifungal, and Silver, that is naturally antimicrobial. These two products help to keep AGent+ working long after they are dry unlike traditional cleaning products.

AGent+ Multi-Surface cleaner protects you freshly cleaned surfaces from odor and bacteria for up to three days. While AGent+ Hard-Surface protects your hard surfaces for 24 hours.

Their products clean, sanitize, eliminate odors, removes mildew, and cuts grease.

The Agent+ Nesting Kit came with:

  • Agent+ Multi-Surface Concentrate 12 oz.
  • Agent+ Hard-Surface Concentrate 12 oz.
  • Two large mixing jugs
  • Two Travel Size Bottles
  • Mini Funnels for pouring
  • Spray tops to add to Concentrate bottles after mixing
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

To use the cleaners mix the concentrate with distilled or quality tap water in the mixing jug and then dispense into your spray bottles to use.

AGent+ Hard Surface Cleaner being poured after mixing
Pouring the mixed AGent+ Hard Surface Cleaner into the spray bottle.

Using AGent+ in Our Home

I started with the AGent+ Hard Surface cleaner and have been using it to clean an elliptical machine that was gifted to us. It had been on a covered porch so was pretty bit dusty.

I’ve also used the Hard Surface cleaner on door knobs around the house as I really need to add that to my regular cleaning routine.

I haven’t used the AGent+ Multi Surface cleaner yet and need to wrap my brain around where best to use it. Our sofa is not to be cleaned with water and our dining chairs fall under the Hard Surface list.

Another idea is to use the Multi Surface to clean the car which needs a good deep cleaning after all that winter weather.

I plan on mixing up a bottle of both cleaners for my husband to take with him to work.

AGent+ Sustainable Nesting Kit

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My Thoughts on AGent+ Sustainable Nesting Kit

I’m really enjoying using the AGent+ Hard Surface cleaner. I find the citrus scent pleasant but some may find it a little strong.

It’s been cleaning up my Elliptical Machine quite well. And I’m happy having a regular routine to wipe down often touched knobs and light switches which can carry bacteria and viruses.

My daughter cleaning her bathroom will be the true test.

The only thing I would like is a bigger spray head for the bottles.

How about you? Are you into “Green Cleaning” and on the hunt for a good cleaner?

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