Make Sure Your Family Has a First Aid Kit

As foster parents one of the things on our must have list is a First Aid kit. Surprisingly not many people think about this but it is a great resource to have at the ready in your home. 


They are very easy to put together but if you would rather not, you can also buy a complete home First Aid Kit

To put one together here are some items you will need:

* Bandages of different sizes, including triangular
* Tape, preferably adhesive
* Alcohol wipes (which you can buy by the box)
* Antibiotic ointment or creams (Neosporin)
* Disposable Ice Packs
* Disposal latex gloves
* Gauze pads of various sizes (including a roll of self-adhesive gauze)
* Tylenol, Advil and Aspirin
* Ipecac
* Antihistamine
* Epinephrine
* Scissors
* Tweezers
* Safety Pins

You might already have most of these supplies in your medicine cabinet, but as a safety measure you should be able to access these items quickly and efficiently and that is done best if they are in one container. If there was an area disaster,  this would be the first item you would need to grab as you exit your home. Or perhaps your child fell off his bike and is badly hurt, having this kit immediately available can same him a great deal of pain until you rush him to a hospital or clinic.

You can also add to the kit any items you feel necessary, or didn’t have in the past when confronted with a home accident, sudden illness, or child injury.  As foster parents we also have to take CPR and First Aid training. If your local community offers a one day course on CPR First Aid it is a great idea to take the class. When faced with any life threatening situation at home, at least you will be prepared and have whatever you need to assist your loved ones.

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