Records in the Household – Part 3 – The Box Itself

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So last time we talked about the Housekeeping Card file needing to be pretty. Something lovely to the eye. Preferbly small that could fit on a miniscule desk area. And it needs to be DIY. While you could purchase a lovely box it’s so much more gratifying when you put it together yourself.

So that is what I did to make my Homekeeping Box. And I’ll tell you how I did it.

  • Plain white tin
  • Pretty scrapbooking paper
  • Pretty ribbons
  • Pretty buttons in complementary colors
  • Mod Podge


Even though the card file is not that fabulous, it took me some time to get here.

Here’s  my steps.

I bought a white tin from the store. First I went about painting it a green I wasn’t too happy with. I was trying to get a more chartreuse green (you know the light green with a touch of yellow but just muted enough to be pretty instead of garish) but that didn’t happen.

Then I Modge Podge’d it and let it dry.Then the whole kit and kaboodle started to peel! So I peeled off the whole works. Some of the paint was harder to get off than the rest.

And I ended up with a blank slate again.

Next I decided I would Modge Podge some paper I had around the house onto it instead and then once that dried Modge Podge over it again to seal it in.

Then I Modge Podged some ribbon onto the box.

And finally I used the glue gun to add the ribbons and buttons.

Throughout the whole process I discovered and found out that I NEED a Digital Die Cut machine. If you have any recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.(still haven’t gotten one but I did get a new sewing machine).

So this is the final result. It’s very pretty. But is it practical? Of course!

More on that next time.




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