Tidying Up My Own Master Bedroom Closet and Simple Closet Reorganizing Tips

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Last year when I was packing to move my sister came over to help. We were putting away the clothing from the master bedroom and my sister noticed something. As we were putting the hangers on those cool expensive moving boxes that my husband insisted on she noticed that our clothes were grouped by color and type.

When I did this several years ago I never really thought about it. I had read it somewhere and since I like a bit of organizing it seemed cool. So one day I took everything out of our closet and rehung it according to type and color. There's a bit of mish mash happening in the dress department but for the most part things were fairly organized.

Notice I said “were”

When we moved into our current home I ripped those clothes out of the box and hung them up as quick as I could. No rhyme or reason. Just get it done! We were in moving mode and I was thinking I would tidy up later.

So fast forward about 6 months and later has come. It's time and our closet could use a bit of tidying up.

Let me side track for a minute…

If you've ever read the Sink Reflections by the Fly Lady she has a bit in there about cleaning her kitchen sink and how keeping that one item clean inspired her to keep the rest of her home clean. How a clean sink was her focal point on how she wanted the rest of her home to be.

She encourages her readers and followers to keep the kitchen sink clean but then in Mindy Stearns Clark's “The House That Cleans Itself” book she encourages you to find that one area that will be your “kitchen sink”. In other words it doesn't have to be the kitchen sink but just the one area in your home that inspires you, that you can manage, and that is your jumping off point to keep the rest of your home neat and tidy. For me that room is the master bedroom and I've added on the master bath and closet as bonus items.

No matter how clean and organized I may think I am I can always learning something new that can make my homemaking that much easier.

So last week (yes I'm late) Michele, who is running 34 Weeks of Clean, gave us the challenge of cleaning out our master bedroom closets.

Michele always nicely gives us a walk through of her own processes and how she gets her home right on track. I really like that and find it inspiring.

So here is a tour of my Master Bedroom Closet before. It's not overly messy but things were getting a little hard to find. My color coordinated tops were out of whack. My husband's clothes were really all over the place. We don't have a linen closet but these shelves in our master bedroom closet that are supposed to stand in for that. I was starting to dump any old thing on them.  I was also getting sloppy about my shoes. Not big issues but it was starting to look unkempt.

Closet Clean Up Before

So the first thing I did was to reorganize the right side. On the top shelf are my husband's clothes. He's taller so that makes sense to me. Rather than organize them by color I organize them by type.

  • Suits
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Long Sleeved Tops
  • Short Sleeved Tops

Then I organized the bottom which are my clothes.

I start with blue (for some reason) than morphs into white, then tan, then green, then pinks, purples, reds, into browns and finally black. It makes it much easier for me to find tops to wear and by golly I actually had a new outfit for last week!

Next I tidied up the long skirts and dresses. Yes those are all mine. My husband has one or two items up there but all that is mine. The source of another new item I wore last week.


6 Tips for an Organized Master Bedroom Closet

  1. Edit your closet and remove items you know you will no longer wear again. Ugly, too small, or ripped and torn.
  2. No brainer but separate your clothes from your spouses. As sharp as I think my husband's suits are, I don't wear them.
  3. Organize by style. Skirts with skirts, pants with pants, blouses with blouses, sweaters with sweaters, etc.
  4. Organize by color. This can help you put together your outfits rather quickly. Especially if you've edited your closet and can FIT everything in there.
  5. Use closet shelf dividers on shelves. Then you can store sweaters and other items normally put into dressers.
  6. Store your shoes on shoe racks or in their own boxes.

Truthfully you may not be able to tell the difference from my less than stellar photography skills but my husband noticed and, well, so did I 🙂

Closet Clean Up after

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  1. Great job getting your closet back to tip top shape. Glad that you know what works for you and that you were able to get your clothes organized for easier outfitting.

  2. You are such a good organizer! I can tell the difference All this closet talk has inspired up to do three posts on capsule wardrobes starting next Monday- stay tuned! Thanks for linking up, Kemi!

    1. LOL! Thank you Michele 🙂 I didn’t know if it was obvious or not some cleaning up had happened there. I am REALLY excited to read about the capsule wardrobes. I was actually looking into that not too long ago. I would like to do it more intentionally though so things actually look nice instead of how they usually look 😉 Very cool 🙂

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