Unique Thanksgiving Side Dishes

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Do you get tired of the same old dishes for Thanksgiving year after year?

Yeah I don’t either.  I actually look forward to the things I don’t get to eat the rest of the year through but sometimes I like to throw in something different to shake things up a bit. So here is a list of some different side dishes you might try this year.
  1. Not everyone likes Brussel Sprouts but these Baked Parmesan Sprouts with Bacon certainly might change a few minds/
  2. Potatoes are always great and these tasty Hasselback Potatoes made in the slow cooker are sure to bring rave reviews.
  3. The kids won’t notice you’ve snuck in those greens in with these Cheesy Kale Mashed Potatoes. Well they might because of the green color but still it looks cool.
  4. Oooh yum! Caribbean Cornbread sweetened with pineapple.


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