Back to Homeschool Fall 2014 and a Peek into the Updated Homeschool Room

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Yesterday marked our back to homeschool day for the 2014-14 school year.

It was with mixed emotions that we hit the books again. Mostly due to the fact that we feel like we just left homeschool for our abbreviated summer break not long ago.

We finished late after a family illness early in the 2013/14 school year. But instead of finishing and enjoying our lazy summer days it was a fast track to pack up the home and make a move to new digs.

Now it seems that we’ve just gotten settled in our house and bam! Back to homeschool. And also back to realizing that although we seem settled there are still plenty of boxes to go through in the garage.

But we’re resilient and I suspect in a few days we’ll be having so much fun we’ll forget that we wanted more summer.

We had a visitor for the first day of school. My mother likes to come join in the fun and she even brought a gift! It’s a hand sewn school supplies case. It came with a few pretty pencils, a notepad, a pen, and notecards. And ties with a pretty pink bow. My mom’s pretty resourceful and very crafty.

I’ll talk about the pictures above in order starting on the right going clockwise.

1.) Our bench seat that is missing the cushion I’m going to order from Etsy (love Etsy). It’s made from Ikea’s Kallyx shelving systems. I sit on it daily. There’s a nice view out of the window and when the sun sets it’s really beautiful. I’m dreading when they build behind us.

2.) Our other Kallyx bookshelf. This one holds homeschool stuff and craft stuff. No rhyme or reason yet.

3.) Our homeschool welcome sign. I’ve used this same sign for about 3 years. I got it originally at the Dollar Store.

4.) A messy homeschool room from the door. The builder only put one light in the middle of this big room and it can be rather dark. I’ve got a few lamps in there but hubby will be putting up track lighting soon.

5.) Soccer play for recess.

6.) Our corner table absent a computer which bit the dust a few weeks ago.

Here are some more images from our first day collection.


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