On the Kitchen Counter September 5, 2016

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Happy Monday! I hope you’re relaxing from your labors this Labor Day holiday.

I’ve decided that I’m going back to the just food post. Hence the name of this is On the Kitchen Counter. Like that? I do. I’ll have a separate post at the end of the week where I can share how school is going, what we did, etc. Sound like a plan? 🙂

On with the shew….

I’m testing out a new to me Freezer Cooking plan so stay tuned for a review on that down the line sometime.

I’m still using my [easyazon_link identifier=”B00FLYWNYQ” locale=”US” tag=”mommybabytool-20″]Instant Pot[/easyazon_link]regularly. I don’t use it every day but it still makes me so happy {grin} and I use it often. My husband is actually tired of chicken coming out of the Instant Pot (oh pooh!) so often so I’m switching up to make him happy. Last week I used it on 2 chicken meals and some chili. I think he’s wanting some oven baked chicken or something. I’ll just use it for my soup this week and won’t mention that it only took 6 minutes. 6 minutes!!! Not including warm up time (about 10).

I’m trying to eat something every 3 or 4 hours. Since I’m half heartedly following Trim Healthy Mama I have to keep my energy up. Since we’ve been walking in the AM it gives me more of an appetite and I need to eat a decent breakfast. Then I have to remember to eat something more in 3 to 4 hours. A small protein snack usually suffices for me. I don’t usually eat so often so this makes it hard for me to grasp. BTW Trim Healthy Mamas aren’t the only ones who advocate eating small meals more often to keep your energy up and your fat burning metabolism going. I could list all the places I’ve read or heard this but do you really want me to do that? (just comment yes if you do).

This week the kitchen counter is a mess as I attempt to make some space in my freezer for the coming meals. It’s also Costco run time AND my zucchini have been pumping out at a great rate. So….

Here’s My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Flat Iron steak and veggies (we’ll just sear it and finish it in the oven)

Tuesday: Grilled Mango Chicken Lettuce Wraps (MyFreezeEasy recipe)

Wednesday: Ground Turkey Burgers (a fellow Review Crew member asked me about what recipe I use for these last week. You can read the reply here.)

Thursday: Lentil Soup

Friday: Chicken Quesadillas


What’s on your menu?

    • Read some Menu Planning articles for tips on planning your weekly menu
    • I’m trying something new! Well kinda.  MyFreezeEasy Make 10 meals for your freezer in an hour!


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