52 Weeks of Fresh Breakfast Ideas – Week 14 -Yummy Pumpkin Muffins

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It’s week 14 of 52 Weeks of Fresh Breakfast Ideas (I think I’m supposed to be further along but I’m doing well at 14 so let’s not push it).

Can I last through the end of the year? We’ll see.

This week I made pumpkin muffins. I had a can of pumpkin that I had purchased for the Thanksgiving Holiday 20…let’s just leave the year out shall we? We’ll just say I’ve had it for a while.

After Thanksgiving was over I always meant to make pumpkin muffins out of it but never got around to it. I would look at that lone can sitting in my pantry time and time again and never got around to pulling it out to make something.

Just this past week I was digging around in cookbook ebooks and landed one of my favorites, Healthy Breakfasts by Katie of Kitchen Stewardship.  I’ve made a few things out of this book on my 52 Weeks of Breakfasts and I’ve enjoyed them all. This time I found a one bowl recipe for Pumpkin Muffins.

In her recipe Katie has all kinds of tips and twists in there to change up the recipe and tweak it to your liking.  Make it healthier substitute apple sauce for some of the fat. Soak your flour for a soaked muffin recipe. I chose to use maple syrup for the sweetener and I added pecans (yummm).

I really wanted to soak my flour but you need at least 12 hours to do that and I wanted to make the muffins as soon as I found the recipe. I’ll do that next time. I also may try sweet potato instead of pumpkin next time. If I can find those purple sweet potatoes again in the store I’ll try those.

Image one and two show the muffins up close. Am I getting better with the camera? The third image is my daughter’s place at the table after dinner. She had the muffins for dessert and left this in her wake. I asked her to come back to clear her spot. Sheesh!

What did you have for breakfast this week?

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