Garden Party Update August 2015

Welcome back to another installment of the Garden Party featured on and here on Homemaking Organized.


There’s been a lot happening in the garden during July and the first part of August. It is amazing how much growth and change has occurred in just the space of a few short weeks!


Our weather has mostly been in the 90’s so it’s been nice and hot. Since we’re using the Square Foot Gardeningsystem (Melanie is too!) we don’t have to water daily since the soil mixture is really good at retaining moisture. Also I use self watering pots for the tomatoes so it’s been nice not to have to worry too much about watering the garden.

Fruit Gardening

On the fruit front last month my blueberry plants had seen better days. They were shriveling and there were bites out of almost every leaf! I think it was a combination of of some pest and not enough watering. I upped the watering for them and sprinkled someDiatomaceous Earth. They still don’t look lovely but the greenery has been coming back and the bites stopped happening.

My strawberry plants are spent for the season. They are supposed to be June bearing but for the last couple of years they will make a comeback in July and sometimes August. In the Fall I’ll be moving both the blueberries and the strawberries to different beds.

I did buy a cantaloupe plant last month but, although it has plenty of flowers and bees love my garden, there is nary a cantaloupe growing. Oh well. I obviously do not know what I am doing there.

My husband unearthed an edger that also dig trenches we had in the garage and I’ve been building muscle digging various beds for plants in our yard. It is quite addictive and makes me feel rather strong.

Herb Talk

One area of my garden giving me no problems (cross my fingers) are my herbs. I’m growing….

  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon Balm
  • and Parsley lemon-balm-august_opt

My herb plants are doing so well I’ve had to get it together and work with them. Normally my herb plants don’t do so well do I didn’t think these would be any different but they are doing great! I’ve been drying them by hanging them in paper bags in the garage .

My husband has taken a real shine to the lemon balm for his nightly tea. It is reported as being good for calming and relaxing. After his hard days he’s really enjoying it and getting a good nights sleep.


Pest Control


I’m still in pest control in the garden. Not wanting to infuse my lovely garden with pesticides I’ve been trying organic methods.

Last month I mentioned using Diatomaceous Earth. I still use that but with the watering of the garden it disappears fast.

I’ve also been using a Neem Oil Garden Spray Recipe and in one of my Vintage Gardening books I read a bit about using soap suds to quickly suffocate bad bugs.

Garden Harvest

We’ve been eating and sharing heartily from the garden. I don’t buy veggies anymore and instead have been harvesting zucchini, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, swiss chard, and peppers.



It’s been a wonderful month in the garden and already I’m making plans for for fall. Removing plans. Maybe trying my hand at a little Fall Planting in one bed. Moving the fruits and getting things nice and cozy for cooler weather.

Well that’s all I have to report. How about you?


Garden Party C

Don’t forget to drop by Melanie’s Garden at FinchnWren and link up your Gardening posts (below) with us this August!

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  2. Kemi…lots of excitement here! I bought herb seeds and never did get them planted. Maybe for the fall! I especially love my cilantro…I use it a lot for homemade salsa.

    Excited for you that you don’t have to shop for veggies now! We’re still not quite at THAT stage yet….:)

    Thankful for you!

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