Put Your Home Management Binder Together – Introduction

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Put Your Home Management Binder Together - Introduction

IntroductionA simple primer on putting together a Home Management Binder for a beautifully organized home life.

If you struggle with keeping up on the daily details of home along with life details, and caring for your family then I want to introduce you to the joys of a Home Management Binder.

A little notebook that delivers big putting together a Home Management Binder may cure what ails you.

We’re going to spend the next few posts putting together a Home Management Binder just for you and your home. We will walk through each of the sections and how they can be used to streamline and organize your home keeping.


A Home Management Binder is designed to help you regain some semblance of order in your home…


What exactly is a Home Management Binder?

What is a Home Management Binder?

Home Management Binders are nothing new. Women in our not too distant past tended to keep these kinds of records in their homes. Most of these vintage records were to keep track of household spending, household routines, and special recipes to pass down through the generations. (special note: A dear friend was a recipient of such a Home Management Record Book passed down from her grandmother).

In this modern age we’ve taken Home Management Binders one step further to also help manage busy lives. These days we include calendars, routines, family plans, goals.

But what kinds of household records should one keep in the Home Management Binder today?

Really the choice is up to you. The Home Management Binder is an ever evolving thing depending upon your stage in your life, your needs, and the makeup of your home. Some things that can go in your binder include…

  • Cleaning Chores
  • Meals and Menus
  • Kids and School
  • Home Maintenance

This little series will help you to put together a Home Management Binder

Introduction -A simple primer on putting together a Homemaking Binder for a beautifully organized home life.

I want to help you put together your own Home Management Binder. This will help you keep on top of things happening in your home and life.

My daughter often asks me how I know when to do what. When to do the laundry. What to cook for dinner. How to keep on top of keeping the house clean and decluttered (although how well I’m doing there can be debatable). Well my secret is the Home Management Binder.

In fact in addition to helping me keep on top of household chores the Home Management Binder also helps others who may be filling in for me if I’m on a badly needed vacation or just gone for the day. My husband, my daughter, a neighbor, a family member, they can all check the binder to find things to help keep my home happy and running like a well oiled machine. Although really only people living in the home will need to use and it has helped my husband immensely when I was unavailable.

Items you Will Need to Put Together Your Home Management Binder

This introductory post is on pulling together the supplies you will need for your Home Management Binder.

  1. 3-Ring Binder of your choice: There is no one perfect binder or way to do this. So to start off I’m going to tell you to just get a white binder. Just do it! Because the truth of the matter is, if you do what a lot of us tend to do, and hunt for the ‘perfect’ binder then you will be looking forever and never get on to the real business of creating a tool that will help you keep organized at home. You probably have one of these laying around the house that you abandoned from some other project. And they are great if they are the view kind where you can slip in a cover page to personalize your binder. It’s okay if it is not though because there are other ways to personalize.

  • Hole Punch for the printables you will be adding to your binder.
  • Dividers (we’ll talk more about this next week but these are the different sections of your Home Management Binder)
  • Pen or pencil to write on your pages. You can also use
  • . I use several different colors of these.

  • Page protectors (optional)
  • Printer (with lots of ink!) and paper or cardstock
  • Today’s Task

    Today’s task is simple. Gather the supplies listed above together. You may already have many of these office supply items around the house. Put them in a safe place. We’ll be using them as we put together the Home Management Binder.

    Pssst. You can find all kinds of printable to help you fill in your Home Management Binder in this post Printables for Your Home Management Binder

    More Next time…




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    1. Thank you Melanie. TOS will be keeping us busy but a good busy. Do let me know some special sections you would like. I have divider printables coming in a few days.
      “About button”: Thank you 🙂 I’m a very non-camera person so I felt it would represent me best.

    2. Kemi, great ideas. I’m looking forward to reading more. I have a binder started for my TOS Crew that I’m putting together along with school goals, homekeeping plans and other fun stuff. Can’t wait to see what you include!

      Also—I love your “about” button!

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