The Flexibility of Homeschooling

One of the best things about Homeschool your child is the flexibility not only how you teach your child but in many other things.


Homeschooling allows us to set our own pace in lessons.

Homeschooling is NOT the end all be all perfect solution for raising a well adjust genius.

But it is the perfect solution for us to educate our child.

Here are some of the reasons why we love homeschooling so much…

Homeschooling allows us to set our own pace in lessons. When our daughter struggles in a particular subject homeschooling allows us to slow down, back up,  or even take a detour.  We done this several times with great success. And when my daughter has mastered something no reason to beat around the bush. Move on! What things have we, “moved on” in?  Spelling for one. We ended up going for a higher grade spelling curriculum to give her a challenge and she loves it!

We have a homeschool schedule that fits our family life.

The flexibility to have a homeschool schedule that fits our family life. My husband has a catywompus (sp I know) schedule. I also help my mother to run her errands and go to the doctor. Homeschooling has allowed us to create a schedule where we take one day off in the middle of the week for family time. On this day we might run errands, take in a field trip, work on a home project or just stay home and do nothing.  We have been doing this for several years and it works great, for us. We once tried to got to a regular Monday through Friday schedule but we are so used to the midweek day off it just didn’t feel the same. We have the flexibility to change things up again if we need to. But so far so good.

We have a homeschool schedule that fits our family life.

Homeschooling allows you to get two educations for the price of one! I used to hear this joke before we started homeschooling. About how the parent was also getting the education they missed in their childhood. My sister said it all the time and without sounding like I’m bragging she was already a genius so I was like yeah right! But she was right! It’s so true. In those early years of homeschooling when you are deep in your child’s face you will find yourself learning all those grammar rules and math secrets that evaded you in your own education. You will remember history facts and what makes science work with the best of them. You may see the world with new eyes. You may not. But you will soap up a lot of learning right beside your children (raise your hand if sentence diagraming a sentence finally make sense).

We have a homeschool schedule that fits our family life.Homeschooling allows the teacher to hug the student without notice. Who doesn’t love a spontaneous hug from their child? My daughter hugged me the other day after our schoolwork was done and said, “I love homeschooling mom!” As we’re finding our footing year after year she’s enjoying this season in her life and I’m glad.

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  1. Those spontaneous hugs make it all worth it, don’t they? I’m so grateful for the homeschooling lifestyle we are able to live. Thanks for sharing this peek of your homeschool with us!

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